Though the Roku device makes it easy for us to stream our favorite content. It is common to experience hindrance when the Roku device is not working anymore, or the Roku TV won’t turn on suddenly. So, it is better to know the basic troubleshooting procedure to fix this issue ourselves and enjoy watching your favorite content without interruption.

Reasons for Roku TV Not Turning ON Issue

Roku TV won’t turn on because of some internal or temporary glitches as well, some of the potential error-causing factors are

  • Power cable connection
  • Network issues
  • Loose connections

Methods to Troubleshoot Roku TV Won’t Turn ON Issue

These are the simple troubleshooting methods that can be used to fix the issue before seeking help from the support team.

  • Check Network Connection
  • Try to Reset Roku Remote
  • Check the power supply system
  • Try to Reset your Roku TV Manually
  • Replace your cables
  • Factory reset your Roku
  • Customer support

Fix 1: Check Network Connection

The basic problem that can cause the Roku TV won’t turn on the issue can be due to an unstable internet connection. To have an uninterrupted connection, check if the internet speed is sufficient by using In case the speed of the internet is not adequate, then reach out to the internet service provider to fix this issue. Later, check if you can turn on the Roku device and enjoy watching content.

Fix 2: Try to Reset Roku Remote

In case there is an issue with the Roku remote, you will still not be able to turn on the Roku device. So, if that’s the case, resetting your Roku remote might helps you to fix the issue that happens due to technical or internal glitches.

[1] From the Roku remote remove the batteries from the remote.

Remove batteries

[2] Wait for 5 seconds until the remote discharges the residual charges completely.

[3] To be safer, unplug all the cables from the device and plug them back.

[4] Now, put the batteries back into the remote slots with proper polarities.

[5] Finally, check if this process has helped you fix the Roku TV not turning issue.

Fix 3: Check the Power Supply

Correcting the Power supply on your Roku device can help us fix the issue on your device. All you need to do is check if all the connections are plugged in properly. But by making appropriate connections, we can fix the issue and enjoy watching your favorite content on Roku TV.

Fix 4: Try to Reset your Roku TV Manually

Resetting a Roku device helps fix all kinds of issues, Follow the method to reset Roku manually.

1. Press the Home button 5 times.

Click on the Home button to fix Roku TV won't turn on

2. Then, press the Up Arrow button once.

3. Press the Rewind button twice on your Remote.

4. Now, press the Fast-forward button twice.

5. Once the process gets over, wait for a few seconds, and your Roku will be restarted. After which, check if the Roku TV won’t turn on issue.

Fix 5: Replace Connecting Cables

Roku TV might not turn on if the connecting cables are physically damaged, or you may be using the wrong cable. In this situation, you can change or replace the cable with the new one.

1. Use the cable you received with the Roku TV for a better experience.

2. If you can’t find them, go for the original replacement.

While fixing the cables, connect them to the correct ports as instructed in the user manual.

Fix 6: Factory Reset Roku Device

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Then, move to the Settings option from the menu.

Click on the settings option

3. Select the System and press the OK button.

System option to fix Roku tv won't turn on

4. Go to the Advance System Settings.

5. Click on the Factory Reset from the menu.

Factory resetting the Roku device can fix the issue and clear all errors. Later, check if the problem is fixed and you can stream content on Roku.

Fix 7: Contact Customer Support

After trying all the methods, if your Roku TV is not working, you can contact the Roku TV official site through email and also contact the nearby service center to fix the issues. If the issue stays with the error, you can exchange it with your warranty.


Why is Roku TV on with red light blinking?

Most Roku players have a Red light on the front of the unit. It will flash when your device has insufficient power to access it.