Roku device comes with an efficient search tool allowing us to easily get what we need. To search the channels, you can use the Roku remote or on-screen keyboard by typing into the free Roku mobile app or the voice commands on your Phone. So, we can search for any desired channels with minimal clicks.

Methods to Search Channels on Roku

Fortunately, we have four dependable methods to search channels on Roku. So, we can select any method that is convenient and feasible. Below-listed is the methods available to search channels on Roku.

  • Using On-Screen Keyboard
  • On Roku Mobile App
  • With Voice Control Remote
  • From Official Website

Using On-screen Keyboard

You always have the option to search for channels using the on-screen virtual keyboard on Roku, which can be controlled by pairing the Roku remote.

1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote.

Click on the Home button

2. Then, scroll up and down to select the Search option.

Click on the search option to get search channels on Roku

3. Start typing the first few letters of the app you want (for example, you can enter Netflix).

4. Roku displays the result for the content you searched.

5. Choose the appropriate channel from the search result.

Tips! By searching channels, we get to access the best Roku Channels available on devices.

On Roku Mobile App

It is one of the alternatives and efficient ways to search channels on Roku. First, install the Roku mobile app and launch it on your Android.

1. Tap on the Search bar to access the search page.

Select the search bar from the following

2. The keyboard will appear; start typing the first few letters of the content you need.

3. Roku searches for the content and displays the search result.

4. You can select the content you need from the Roku search channels.

With this process, you can search and select the content you need and enjoy streaming them on your Roku device.

With Roku Voice Control Remote

You can control and access the Roku with your Voice search. By doing so, you can search for the movie, TV shows, and content you need. This makes the search process faster and easy.

1. Press and hold the microphone button on the Roku Remote.

Microphone button on Roku remote

2. Prompt the channel that you wish to search.

3. Roku searches according to the command given.

4. From the result, select the app you need.

5. Add it to your channel list, as you can access it anytime.

Roku Remote with Voice Control Option

These are the compatible Roku devices that have OS 9.4 or higher.

  • Roku voice Remote
  • Roku Enhanced Voice Remote
  • The Roku Voice Remote Pro
  • Roku Touch tabletop remote
  • Roku mobile app for ios and Android

From the Roku Channel Website

1. Turn on your PC, and go to the Roku Channel official website from any default browser.

Roku Channel website

2. Select the Search icon from the top right corner.

3. Once the search box appears, enter a word from the needed app.

4. You can see the result from the Roku channel store.

5. Select the content you need from the Result shown.

These are the methods to access search channels from Roku; you can get the channels or shows you need to watch on Roku.


Why can’t you search channels on Roku?

If you cannot search channels on Roku, this can be due to network issues while using Roku.

Is there a guide for Roku channels?

You can open the Live TV channel guide directly from the Live row on the Roku channel.

What can you search for on Roku?

While searching, you can search for a title, actor, or director to find specific content or receive recommendations on similar content. Roku has also made it easy for us to access by categorizing based on popular genres like Comedy, action, and more.