Roku has become one of the popular streaming devices that is compatible with every TV device through Roku sticks. Apart from this, Roku has expanded its reign by being an inbuilt OS on Smart TV brands of TCL, Sharp TV, and many more. Even though they all work the same, some devices show some improper functioning, like not working, etc. In that order, Sharp TV users complain their Roku TV remote is not working while streaming. If you find your remote doing the same, follow the primary and common troubleshooting methods on your device to fix this problem.

Reason for Sharp Roku TV Remote not Working

There are many possible reasons for your remote to work improperly. It may be caused by issues in remote pairing, internet connection, low power in the remote battery, outdated software, and defective remotes. Apart from this, there might be other possible hardware and software issues for the Sharp Roku TV Remote not working error.

Steps to Fix your Sharp Roku TV Remote not Working

To fix your Sharp TV Roku remote not working, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Check Remote Batteries

The first thing you should check when you come across this issue is the batteries. There are chances that the battery may be weak and require a replacement. So, replace your Roku remote battery or charge it if your remote battery is rechargeable. After dealing with the power shortage of your remote, check whether your Roku remote is working or not.

Check remote batteries

Check WiFi Network

Since your Roku device runs on the internet, it is also a major factor to look into for any problem. So check whether your WiFi router is providing enough bandwidth to the internet or not. If you are using a Sharp TV Roku remote that works on WiFi, this troubleshooting is the first thing to go for. Power cycle your WiFi router by pulling out the power cable of the router and plugging them back in after 3-5 minutes time intervals. Then, wait for 1 minute and connect your Sharp Roku devices to your WiFi router to check whether the remote is working or not.

Update Roku Firmware

Your remote might stop working suddenly, in case your Roku device is outdated. So try updating the Roku Firmware to fix this problem.

1. Turn on the TV and navigate to the Settings option on the Home screen.

2. Next, choose the System >> System Settings option on the screen.

3. Under System Settings, navigate and select the System Update option.

4. Now, select Check now on the screen to check for available updates for your Roku firmware.

Click on the Check Now option

5. If an update is available, click Update now on the pop-up.

Click on Update Now to fix the Sharp Roku TV Remote not working

6. Now, your Roku device will get updated to the latest OS.

After updating the Roku device, check whether your Sharp TV Roku remote is working well or not.

Reset your Roku Remote

Temporary bugs and technical glitches might act as a hindrance to your Roku functioning. This might happen to the Roku remote too. To fix this, you need to reset your Roku remote and your device to fix the issue.

1. Remove the batteries from your Roku remote first.

2. Next, turn off your Roku device by pulling the Power Cable from the socket.

3. Wait for 1-3 minutes interval and turn the Roku device back on.

4. Insert the batteries back into the remote again.

5. After your Sharp Roku TV loads, check whether your remote is working or not.

Unpair and Pair your Roku Remote

If your Roku remote buttons totally or selected buttons stop working without any hardware or software damage, then the problem is with the remote pairing. If your remote is unsynced after long usage, you may experience this type of issue. So to fix this issue, you need to unpair and pair your Roku remote again to your Roku device.

1. Go to Settings on Roku TV.

2. Choose the Remote & Devices option.

3. Then click on the Remote >> Set up a new device option.

Tap on Set up a new device

4. Next, tap on the remote checkbox and hit continue on the right.

Click on Remote Checkbox

5. After selecting the option, open the battery case of the remote and press the pairing button for 5 seconds.

Press the pairing button to fix the Sharp Roku TV Remote not working

6. This will pair your Sharp TV Roku remote back to the device.

7. After pairing, press any key and check whether your Sharp TV Roku remote is working or not.

Tip: If your Roku remote is completely not working, then try using the Roku mobile app on iOS and Play store to perform the fixes on your device.

Unfortunately, Sharp TV does not have any official remote apps, so we can use the Sharp Roku remote app as an alternative to control the device.

Customer Service Support

Still, if the Sharp Roku TV remote is not working on your device, then you need to either replace the remote or seek customer support from Roku or Sharp.

Hence, you can resolve the not working condition easily through this troubleshooting. In case you have found that none of the fixes resolved the condition, then you can mention them in the comments below.