Roku is a popular streaming medium that collaborated with several Smart TV manufacturers. Likewise, Sharp TV produces TVs that are affordable and also have impressive audio and visual quality. Now, Sharp TV produces TVs that run on Roku OS, and it is accompanied by remote controls that are desirable to use. But, there are chances you might encounter situations when the Sharp Roku TV remote might not be working anymore. So, we should know the causes and fixes to troubleshoot the devices to fix them yourself before getting a new one. Unfortunately, Sharp TV does not have any official remote apps, so we can use the Sharp Roku remote app as an alternative to control the device.

Methods to Troubleshoot Sharp Roku TV Remote Not Working

There can be multiple reasons why the Sharp Roku TV remote does not work. Some primary causes could be the batteries, outdated firmware, internal or external damage to the remote, and more. So, we must try all the reliable troubleshooting methods to fix the issue and see what works for you. By doing so, you can also understand the cause and ensure that the same issue does not happen again.

Restart your Roku TV

Several internal glitches can occur on the Roku device due to the app running in the background, so restarting the Roku TV will eliminate the temporary errors. Here is how to do it.

1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote.

Click on the home button to fix the sharp

2. Then, select the Settings option.

Move to settings option from the menu

3. Click on the System option from the menu.

Click on the system option from the menu.

4. Now, click on the System restart tab.

5. Once the process gets over, your Roku TV will be restarted.

press the restart option to fix the sharp Roku TV remote from not working.

After this process, check whether the Sharp Roku TV remote is working fine.

Check Remote Batteries

The first thing you should check when you come across this issue is the batteries. There are chances that the battery may be weak and require a replacement. So, when you face an issue with the remote, try replacing or recharging the batteries. Even after changing the batteries, the issue continues; you might have to try the next available option in the troubleshooting process.

Check remote batteries

Update Roku OS

Using any device with outdated firmware would cause several issues. So, ensure to update the Roku TV frequently to have a smooth experience.

1. Turn on the TV and navigate to the Settings option on the Home screen.

2. Go to the Advanced Settings tab to check the software details currently running on the device.

Advance settings option on Sharp Roku TV

3. If any updates are available, go further and Update the Roku OS to the latest version.

4. Once the updation process is completed, you can check if the remote is working fine.

Repair Roku Remote

At times, pairing the remote could be troublesome, causing errors. In that instance, you must unpair the remote from the Sharp Roku TV and pair it again by pressing the pairing button behind the remote. Now, it would take a while to set up the pairing process. Finally, you can try to control the Sharp TV using the remote to see if it works.

Replace the Roku Remote

The Sharp Roku TV remote may not work due to various issues; sometimes, the remote has to be replaced. Suppose you are sure the issue is with the remote, not the TV. Then, you can purchase the new Roku remote or replace it with a universal remote. Ensure to get the compatible Roku remote depending on the model of your TV.

Sharp Roku TV remote

Reset the Roku Remote

Resetting the Roku remote may fix the issues that take place while using the Roku remote. Follow the steps to reset the Roku remote.

1. Remove the batteries from the Roku remote.

2. Disconnect the power supply from the Roku remote box/stick.

3. Or, Settings > System > System Restart > Restart .

4. Wait for 10 seconds and Reconnect the Roku box to the power.

5. Reinsert the batteries into your Roku remote.

This will reset the Roku remote and clear the issues.

Customer Service Support

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, then the final choice would be to reach out to Sharp’s customer support. They would help you troubleshoot the issue or help you by suggesting to replace or repair the remote with the help of an expert technician. If the remote is still under warranty, you have the option to get it replaced at no cost.


Why is your Sharp TV not responding to the remote?

First, make sure you have replaced old batteries and that they are positioned correctly in the battery compartment. Then, restart and check whether the issue has been fixed.