You don’t require cable or satellite subscription to watch your favourite contents with SHOWTIME app. It is a multi-platform streaming service and is available for Roku devices. With a monthly subscription, you may access SHOWTIME and its contents without any commercials. It offers something for everyone from different categories like comedy specials, exclusive sports, and more. You will experience both HD and SD streaming with SHOWTIME on the Roku device. The library of this streaming service is updated regularly and so you will get access to the largest releases too. Find out more about SHOWTIME channel in brief from here.

Features of SHOWTIME

The salient features of the SHOWTIME channel include,

  • SHOWTIME lets you stream full season episodes and award-winning movies.
  • In addition to movies, SHOWTIME users can stream groundbreaking documentaries.
  • You can watch on-demand contents or stream the live TV at any time.
  • Stream SHOWTIME Original series or watch the currently airing live program on SHOWTIME.
  • It supports downloading full episodes and the users can stream it offline.

How to Get SHOWTIME on Roku?

SHOWTIME is available officially for Roku device. Just by following the guidelines below, you can install it on Roku devices.

#1. Turn on everything to go to the home screen of Roku TV.

#2. Press the home button on the remote and select Streaming Channels.

Choose Streaming Channels
Choose Streaming Channels

#3. Scroll down to find SHOWTIME or choose Search menu to find it.

#4. Select Add Channel option to get SHOWTIME channel.

Add SHOWTIME to Roku
Add SHOWTIME to Roku

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How to Get SHOWTIME Anytime on Roku?

Follow the same procedure in which you have got SHOWTIME to get SHOWTIME Anytime on Roku.

#1. Turn on Roku player at first. Press the Home button of Roku remote.

#2. Scroll down and then choose Streaming Channels.

#3. With this, the Channel Store will open up. Search for SHOWTIME Anytime using Search Channels option.

Highlight Search
Highlight Search

#4. On the next screen, select Add Channel option to install it on Roku.

Get SHOWTIME Anytime on Roku
Get SHOWTIME Anytime on Roku

How to Activate SHOWTIME Anytime on Roku?

It is mandatory to perform SHOWTIME activate on Roku to further access its features.

#1. Launch SHOWTIME Anytime app on Roku from the Channel store.

#2. Provide the login credentials to get into your SHOWTIME account. You will find the activation code on Roku device (Code will be shown if you have installed the channel for the first time)

#3. Meanwhile, launch the browser on the PC and visit

#4. Log into your SHOWTIME Anytime account by providing the necessary details.

#5. Enter the code to activate SHOWTIME on Roku TV and thereby start streaming its contents.

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How to Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku?

If you want to cancel SHOWTIME on Roku, then do the following.

On Roku device,

#1. Go to the home screen of the Roku device.

#2. Scroll down to select SHOWTIME channel and press star (*) on the remote.

#3. Choose Manage Subscription option to proceed further.

#4. On the pop-up window, select Cancel Subscription at last.

On the web,

#1. First of all, visit from your PC browser.

#2. Select Manage your Subscriptions option.

#3. Choose the SHOWTIME subscription and then click Cancel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME Anytime different?

Yes. Both SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME Anytime are streaming service. However, SHOWTIME Anytime is available as a part of SHOWTIME subscription at no additional cost.

Are closed captions supported on SHOWTIME programs?

Yes. All the full-length programs available on SHOWTIME supports closed captions.

Does SHOWTIME supports subscribing to it through Spotify Premium for Students?

Yes. The eligible Spotify Premium for Students plan users can subscribe to SHOWTIME.

To Conclude

So, getting access to SHOWTIME Roku channel is such an easy procedure with the help of this article. You may start streaming on-demand contents, documentaries, sports, and more other contents at any time. Start with the free trial and pay $10.99/month to watch anything.

Keep supporting us! If you face any issues while installing SHOWTIME on Roku, then bring it to our knowledge as comments. Also, visit for useful articles about Roku device.