Are you looking for a channel with horror and thriller content? Then, Shudder is the right channel for you on Roku. Shudder is a top on-demand service with a lot of users who love its content. This is because of its collection of horror, thriller, and supernatural content. This American channel is owned by AMC Network and was launched in 2015. However, Shudder is not a Live streaming service. Instead, it is a VOD streaming service based on subscription. In that context, let’s discuss where to stream Shudder on Roku.

Shudder on Roku

How to Add Shudder on Roku?

Shudder is a subscription-based app. The monthly subscription charges $5.99. However, you can Sign Up with a $56.99 annual subscription. Also, get a free seven-day trial with Shudder. The Roku Channel Store has a Shudder TV App. It is easy to add this app on Roku. Follow these simple steps to get the work done.

Shudder on Roku

1. Turn on your TV and then connect your Roku device to it.

2. On the Home Page, choose the Streaming Channels option.

3. Choose the Search Channels option from the Streaming Channels menu.

4. Search for the Shudder app using the virtual keyboard.

5. Pick the Shudder channel from the search results.

6. On the app overview page, choose the Add Channel option.

Add Channel

7. Click on OK button on the pop-up as the download completes.

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How to Activate Shudder?

After installing the app on Roku, you have to activate it to stream the content on the TV.

1. Open the Shudder app on your device.

2. You will get an activation code on the TV.

3. From a browser, go to

4. Enter the activation code on the space provided and click on the Activate button.

5. Login with your details. On successful activation, you can start streaming your favorite content on the TV.

Shudder on Roku with YouTube TV

Shudder is a good pick for Roku users who are into suspense and horror movies. It has a lot of popular and classic horror movies. You can get Shudder on YouTube TV as well. YouTube TV brings to you around 85 Live TV channels at $64.99. It is the only service provider that can give you a Shudder subscription. However, you need a $5 Shudder add-on to your subscription.

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Wrapping Up

If you are a fan of scary and thrilling stuff, you need to add Shudder on Roku. As you might know, it has a good collection of the stuff you will love. Shudder is known to have movies and series of your interest too. Popular films include The Exorcist, The Fly, The Thing, The Evil Dead Series, and Psycho. Also, it has notable shows Creepshow, Cursed Films, Video Palace, and She Kills.