Are you looking for a channel with a broadcast relating to Christian faith and belief? Then SkyWatchTV is the right choice for you. It is a bit different from the normal religious broadcasts. It features experts in theology and investigates prophecies and other topics of concern in a biblical view. So, if you would like to learn more about mysteries explained based on theology, add SkyWatchTV on Roku.


What’s on SkyWatchTV?

SkyWatch TV is a religious channel on Roku dealing with Christian beliefs. You can watch talk shows with expert theologists and open panel discussions on various topics. One of the few topics under concern on the SkyWatchTV talk show was ‘The Vatican, ETs, and Dimensional Portals.’ Further, you can watch interviews of experts like Steve Quayle and Josh Peck.  

How to Add SkyWatchTV on Roku?

SkyWatch TV can be found in the Religious section of the Channel Store. To add SkyWatchTV on Roku, follow these steps.

1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku device to it.

2. Select the Streaming Channels option on the sidebar on your home screen.

3. Scroll to and select the Search Channel option from the menu.

4. Next, type and search for SkyWatchTV on the search bar.

5. Once the search results appear on the screen, select the SkyWatchTV from the list.


6. From the overview page, click on the Add Channel option.

7. Now, the channel starts to download.

8. Finally, press on OK as the download completes.

Now, you have installed the SkyWatchTV app on Roku. Open the app and get access to the religious programs in the app.

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Screen mirror SkyWatchTV on Roku

We can screen mirror the SkyWatchTV from Android devices on Roku. However, this is just an alternative method. Getting the app on Roku is better. On your Roku device, make these changes to enable screen mirroring.

1. Firstly, turn on your TV and connect it with your Roku device. Then connect your Roku to a Wi-Fi network.

2. From the sidebar on your home screen, choose the Settings option.

3. From the settings menu, select the System option.

4. Next, choose the Screen mirroring option and then the Screen Mirroring Mode option.

5. Finally, choose the Prompt option from the list.

From Android device

Before starting, visit the Google Play Store and Install the SkyWatchTV app on your phone. Sign In to your account in this app. Now, let’s screen mirror our Android phones on Roku.

SkyWatchTV on Roku

1. Firstly, connect your Android device and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Secondly, on your Android phone, open the Settings application.

3. Further, select the Bluetooth and Device Connection option from the menu.

4. Choose the Connection Preferences option and then the Cast option.

5. Select your Roku Player from the list of devices.

6. On your TV screen, select the Allow option when prompted.

7. Now, you can see that your screen is mirrored on TV.

8. Open your SkyWatchTV app on your android device and stream it on TV.

Wrapping Up

SkyWatchTV is one of the few channels with shows that interpret prophecies and other topics religiously. The channel deals with topics in various fields, including theology, geopolitics, and prophecy. It not only lets you understand the issues but also develops your knowledge of the Bible and theology. Experts of the field run the shows and programs on SkyWatchTV. Have a great time watching SkyWatchTV on Roku.