TCL is a leading player in the global TV industry, and it also has TV models running on Roku OS as well. These TVs provide high picture quality and unlimited access to various entertainment programs. In addition, it gives the comfort of watching your favorite content in your comfortable place. So, like many other electronic devices, the TCL Roku TV is also prone to errors, affecting your streaming experience. The most commonly reported issue is the TCL Roku TV black screen Issue, which can be due to a loose connection or a hardware issue affecting the TV’s LED lighting. Here are some reliable methods to fix the without looking up to a technician.

Methods to Fix the TCL Roku TV Screen

Though multiple reasons can stop the TCL Roku TV from working normally, we must check out all possible troubleshooting methods to identify and fix the issue.

  • Power cycle your TCL Roku TV
  • Power cycle your remote
  • Change batteries
  • Check the cable connected to TCL TV
  • Factory reset your TCL TV
  • Change the HDMI port
  • Update your TV firmware
  • Customer support.

Tips! Similarly, there is also one more issue that is reported as common, it is the TCL Roku TV Red screen issue.

Power Cycle your TCL Roku TV

1. First, turn on your TCL TV.


2. Then, unplug it from the power outlet.

3. Press and hold the physical Power button on your TCL TV for 20 seconds.

4. Wait for 10-15 minutes.

5. Now, plug your TCL TV into the power outlet.

6. After this process, check whether the issue has been solved.

Power Cycle your Roku Remote

Sometimes, the issues on Roku remote can also cause issues and interrupt the TV’s performance. Power cycling the remote may fix these issues; all you have to do is remove the batteries from the Roku remote and wait for 5 minutes. Then, put the battery back and check if the issue is fixed after resetting the Roku remote.

Check the Cable Connection

As mentioned earlier, there is the possibility that the connecting cables are loose or have gotten old. So, checking on the connections and replacing the cables is mandatory if necessary.

1. Check whether the cables are properly connected to the device.

2. If you are confused with the connection, you can remove it and plug it back into the correct video port on your device.

Once the cables are properly connected to your TCL Roku, the black screen issues will be fixed.

Factory Reset your TCL TV

Factory resetting your Roku device will help you to fix the issues that occur,

1. First, press the Home button on your Roku remote.

Home tab on TCL Roku

2. Move to the Settings option.

3. Select the System option, and click on the Advanced system settings menu.

Scroll down to Advanced System Settings

4. Click the Factory reset button and enter the PIN to complete the process.

Factory reset TCL Roku

5. Wait till the reset process is completed.

6. Turn on your TV again and check for the issues that have been fixed.

Change the HDMI port

These issues may occur due to HDMI port issues; your TCL TV will show no picture in this case. Remove the device from the damaged port and connect it to another HDMI port if your device has an alternative port. While connecting it, make sure you connect to the correct one. After this process, you will start getting the picture on your TCL Roku TV.

Update your TV firmware

TCL Roku TV comes with firmware that will help the device to work properly; updating the firmware will fix the TCL black screen.

1. Open the Home page of your TCL.

Home tab on TCL Roku TV black screen

2. Then, move to the Settings option from the menu.

TCL Roku TV black screen settings page

3. Navigate to the Systems update from the menu.

4. Now, select the Update option to install the latest firmware.

5. Once the update is done, the issues will be fixed on your TCL device.

Customer Support

Is your TCL Roku TV screen still black after tying all this method? You still have the option to reach out to customer support to help you fix the issue. You can do it by going to the Contact us page on their official website.


Why is your TCL TV stopped working?

TCL TV is not turning on due to some hardware failure that occurs on the device. This might include damaged cables or dead batteries on the remote.

What is the common problem of TCL TV?

The commonly reported issue on the TCL TV is that it gets disconnected frequently from the internet.