TCL Roku TVs are known for offering a combination of TCL’s hardware and Roku’s operating system that creates a user-friendly and feature-rich Smart TV accessing experience. Even though TCL TVs are known for their reliability, there will be some instances where they would cause some trouble. You might get a taste of one of such worst problems when your TCL Roku TVs don’t turn on even with a stable power supply. This could scare any Roku user who faces it. But there is nothing to panic about as users can easily sort out this problem with some basic troubleshooting methods we have come up with.

Reasons Why Your TCL Roku TV Won’t Turn On

There could be many reasons why your TCL Roku TV won’t turn on. Some of the common reasons include,

  • Loose cable connections or faulty power cable connections
  • Minor glitches on your TV
  • Problems with your remote

How To Fix TCL Roku TV Won’t Turn On Issue

There are a few ways in which you can solve this problem on your own before seeking help from the customer support team. They are:

Check All Cord Connections

The most basic troubleshooting you have to do is to check all the cord connections. If the cords are at fault, then your TCL Roku TV won’t turn on. Ensure all the cords and their connections are perfect using the upcoming guidelines.

  • Properly connect your TV’s power inlet/outlet cord to the socket. There’s also a possibility of a problem with the power outlet you are using. In that case, try connecting the TV to another power outlet.
  • Ensure all the HDMI cables are connected properly to the correct inlet.
  • Also, check if all the cables connected to your TV are not physically damaged. In case of damage, make an original replacement.

If all the cord connections are in the right place and your TV is still not turning on, try the next solution.

Reset TCL Roku TV Remote

Before checking on the remote, try turning on the TV using the power button attached to it. If that works, then we can confirm that the problem is with your TV remote. Resetting your Roku TV remote can likely fix it.

1. First of all, check if the batteries are intact. In case of a drained battery, you need to replace that with a new set of batteries.

Remove batteries and fix TCL Roku TV Won't Turn on issue

2. After removing the batteries, wait for a few seconds. This is just to ensure that the remote has discharged all the residual charges.

3. Now, put all the batteries in the remote with proper polarities.

4. Try turning your TV on now with the remote.

5. It’s all right if it turns on. If not, try the next fix, which is to power cycle the TV.

Power Cycle the TV

This is an easy method, just like the previous ones. Here, we cut the power supply to the TV and allow it to reinitialize from an unresponsive state. To do a power cycle on your TCL Roku TV,

1. Unplug your TV from the power outlet.

Remove the power plug and re-plug it and fix TCL Roku T Won't Turn On issue

2. Press and hold the power button attached to your TV (not the one on your remote) for two minutes.

3. Now, plug the TV’s cord back into the power socket.

4. Turn on the switch and your TV will turn on most likely.

If it is still not turning on, it’s time to do a factory reset.

Factory Reset TCL Roku TV

With a factory reset, your TV could get rid of all the minor glitches and can probably start working fine. But a factory reset of TCL Roku TV would delete all the saved data from your device, like e-mails, passwords, downloaded media, and the configurations you have made on your TV.

In our case, where the TV is not even turning on, we are left to use the factory reset button attached to the TV. You can locate this button at the back of your TV.

Factory reset your TCL Roku TV and fix the Won't turn on issue

1. Turn on the power supply to the TV.

2. Locate the Factory reset button, which is a small hole on the right side of your TV. You can find it above the USB and HDMI ports. Its location might vary depending on the TV model you use.

3. Use a paper clip or something similar to it to press the button. Hold it for 30 seconds and then release. If the button doesn’t work that way, press the reset button multiple times without holding it down; Do it for half a minute.

4. After completing the factory reset, turn on your TV.

5. Hopefully, if your TV turns on, start using it normally as before.

But, if you still cannot turn your TV on, you are left with no other option but to contact customer support.

Contact Customer Support

Customer support is the last resort when every other option fails. Customer support people have expertise in this field and they can pinpoint the exact problem with your TV. So head to the TCL TV support website or the Roku support website to get guidance to sort out the issue. If their guidance didn’t fetch you any favorable outcome, then it is definitely a serious hardware issue. So visit the nearest TCL Roku TV service center, get your TV diagnosed, and replace the problematic hardware if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to turn off the status light on TCL Roku TV?

TV’s Status lights indicate the status of your TV by blinking, dimming, etc. To turn off the status light on your TCL Roku TV, go to TV’s Settings→ System→ Power→ Standby LED→ OFF

2. How to turn off motion smoothing on TCL Roku TV?

To turn it off, go to Settings → Display& Sound → Picture → Advanced Settings → Turn Off Motion Smoothing.

3. Why my TCL Roku TV turns on but displays no picture?

In this case, there are a few methods that you can try, like checking the LED lights’ status on your TV, verifying the cable connections, restarting the TV, or factory resetting the TV.

4. What to do if my TCL TV is getting stuck on the startup screen?

Unplug all inputs connected to your Roku TV individually and reconnect it. Restart your TV after this and see if it gets fixed.