Tumblr is a social media app for posting videos, photos, mini-blogs, etc. It has millions of communities to join based on similar interests. The memes, GIFs, remixes about the on-going situation, celebrity, movies, series, athlete keeps on circulating in the app. It could be nice to watch the videos on the TV screen. In the below article, we will learn about the procedure to access Tumblr on Roku.


Tumblr offers video editing tools to create funny videos. It can extract audio from streaming app such as Spotify. The customization option helps in changing the setup of the blog format, layout, font size as required. It also offers messaging option to have conversations in group chat or personal chat.

How to Access Tumblr on Roku?

Tumblr app is not accessible in the Roku Channel Store but still, you can access the Tumblr app on Roku using screen mirroring. There are certain changes has to be done on Roku device for screen mirroring.

Check out the procedure to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku.

Using Android Phone

#1 Connect to the same Wi-Fi network that the Roku is connected.

#2 Go to Google Play Store app and search for Tumblr app.

#3 Install the Tumblr app on Android Phone.

#4 Pull down the Notification tab from the top and click on the Screen cast option.

#5 Choose the Roku device to connect and open the Tumblr app.

#6 Log in to your account and stream the videos on Roku.

Using iPhone

Previously, we have to use third-party apps to screen mirror the iPhone to Roku. Now Roku devices are updated with Apple AirPlay and HomeKit to mirror the iPhone screen easily.

On Roku,

#1 Open Roku device and press the home button on the remote.

#2 Select Settings in the menu.

Click Settings

#3 Click Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. Tap AirPlay to initiate it.

Click Apple AirPlay and HomeKit

#4 Under Require Code, Choose First Time Only.

Select AirPlay - Tumblr on Roku

On iPhone,

#1 Open App Store and install Tumblr app.

#2 Launch the app and log in to your account.

#3 Drag down the Control Center on your iPhone.

#4 Tap Screen Mirroring and choose Roku device.

Select Screen Mirroring - Tumblr on Roku

#5 Type the code appears on the TV screen.


Tumblr is the best place to express ideas, opinions, suggestions in the form of photos, videos, write-ups. Getting Tumblr on Roku will provide an advantage of looking at the content on the big screen. You control the app on Roku from your Smartphone itself.