Udemy is an educational app/site that offers you over 130,000 video courses in over 65 languages. It has courses available on various categories that include design, IT & Software, personal development, marketing, business, photography, music, etc. All courses are taught by expert instructors who is best on the field. Udemy courses come at an affordable price and also provide discounts periodically. If you want to study online at the lowest price then Udemy will be the best choice. It was available as a standalone app for both Android and iOS devices. In this article let’s see how to watch the Udemy course video on Roku.


Udemy is not available on the Roku channel store. So you need to cast Udemy from your smartphone or PC. Before casting make sure of the following things

  • Connect and Turn on your Roku device/TV.
  • Make sure both the Roku device and the casting device connected to the same WiFi Network.

How to Stream Udemy on Roku via Android?

[1] Open Playstore in your Android smartphone.

[2] Search for Udemy from the Playstore.

Udemy - Udemy on Roku

[3] Download and Install the app in your smartphone.

[4] Now open settings in your device.

[5] Select Wireless Connections/ Device Connections settings.

Device connection

[6] Under connection settings, select cast/multi-screen interaction/smart view.


[7] Turn the cast/multi-screen interaction/smart view toggle on.

[8] Select your Roku device from the list of available device.

Enable wireless display

[9] Now open and view all your Udemy course video on your Roku device.

Note: Settings may vary from device to device.

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How to Stream Udemy on Roku via iOS?

[1] Open App store in your device.

[2] Search for Udemy App and Click on Get to install in your iOS device.


[3] Again search for Streamer for Roku and install it.

Streamer for roku

[4] Now open the Streamer for Roku app in your device.

[5] Select your Roku device from the list of available devices and tap on Connect.

Connect - Udemy on Roku

[6] Now it will ask you to install the Streamer channel from the Roku channel store. (If a streamer is available in your device jump to step 9).

[7] Tap on Install in your iOS device and it will direct you on Roku device to Streamer channel in Roku channel store.

Install channel on roku

[8] Click on Add channel to add it to your channel list.

[9] Open Streamer channel once added to establish connection.

[10] Now click on Screen mirror in your iOS device.

Screen Mirror

[11] This will prompt you to install Mirror for Roku app from the app store, install it.

Mirror on roku

[12] Tap on start mirroring icon, you will get a warning message in that click on Start Broadcast.

Screen mirror - Udemy on Roku

[13] Now Open Udemy app and you can view all your Udemy course video on Roku.

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How to watch Udemy on Roku via PC?

[1] Open any browser in your PC.

[2] Visit https://www.udemy.com in your PC.

Udemy on Roku

[3] Login with your Udemy account.

[4] Open Settings from the start menu.


[5] Select System under settings.


[6] Under system settings, select Display from the left panel.

[7] Navigate and click on Connect to a Wireless display.

Connect to a wireless display

[8] Select your Roku device from the list.

Select your device

[9] Now watch Udemy videos in your Roku screen.

Though Udemy and it’s courses are not considered as accredited but you can use this to improved and gain knowledge on various topics. If you have any doubts in the article make use of the comment section below. For more Roku updates, tips and tricks explore the site.