Life beyond Earth is a very mysterious issue that nobody is sure of. Some people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life, while others don’t. Many scientists have brought forward proof about the alien existence. UFOTV on Roku has programs relating to these arguments. The content of the UFOTV includes abductions, statements of people who witnessed the activities, and Government cover-ups.

How to Add UFOTV on Roku?

We have the official Roku app of the UFOTV in the Channel Store. Let’s add UFOTV on Roku:

1. Initially, turn on your TV and connect your Roku device to it.

2. Select the Streaming Channels option on the sidebar of your home screen.

3. Now select the Search Channels option from the list.

4. On the search bar, type and search for UFOTV.

5. From the search results, select the UFOTV app and select the Add Channel option.

UFOTV on Roku

6. Wait for the downloading of the channel to finish and then press on OK

7. Next, launch the UFOTV app from the home screen.

8. Sign In to your UFOTV account by entering the proper credentials.

9. Finally, play the contents from UFOTV and enjoy watching it.

UFOTV on Roku

Screen mirroring UFOTV on Roku from Android Phone

We have a UFOTV app for download in the Google Play Store. As we can screen mirror our phones on Roku, let’s use this method as well. However, this is just an alternative method, and it is better to add the Roku channel. Let’s start.

Before screen mirroring on Roku, let’s make these changes:

1. Turn on your TV and connect it with your Roku device. Now connect your Roku device and android phone to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. From the sidebar on your screen, choose the Settings option.

3. From the settings section, select the System option.

4. Choose the Screen mirroring option and then the Screen Mirroring Mode option.

5. Finally, choose the Prompt option to ask your permission each time before mirroring other devices on Roku.

6. Now on your phone, open the Google Play Store and Install the UFOTV app

7. Open the new UFOTV app on your phone and Sign In to your account.

8. On your Android phone, open the Settings menu.

9. Tap on the Bluetooth and Device Connection option.

10. Next, choose the Connection Preferences option and then the Cast option.

11. Choose your Roku Player from the list of devices.

Note: Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network to screen mirror, or else your device name wouldn’t show up.

12. Next, on your TV screen, select the Allow option when prompted.

13. Now, your connection is made. Finally, open your UFOTV app and stream it on TV.

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Wrapping Up

The programs on UFOTV focuses on the UFO phenomenon and what people, including scientists, have to say about it. The categories of contents in UFOTV are New Additions, Trending, UFO and ET disclosure, Ancient Mysteries, and Suppressed Sciences. Some of the mind-blowing shows include Watchers, Solar Revolution, Packing for Mars, Knowledge of the Forever Time, The Day Before Disclosure, and UFOs The Secret History. Have a great time watching these wonderful shows with UFOTV on Roku.