The Urban Movie Channel or UMC is a digital channel developed by RLJ Entertainment. As the name suggests, it plays movies with urban life as its theme. On the sixth of January, 2021, Urban Movie Channel was relaunched as ALLBLK. The genres include drama, comedy, horror, stage plays, and documentaries. The Urban Music Channel was launched with a basic purpose to exist as a platform to showcase urban movies. UMC has a lot of users who enjoy the urban movies in the channel in the same context. Let’s add Urban Movie Channel on Roku.

What’s on the Urban Movie channel?

You can get shows with a wide range of genres on the Urban Movie Channel. It streams dramas, thrillers, soap operas, romantic shows, crime dramas, comedy, satire, documentaries, and reality shows. Some of the popular shows on UMC are A Closer Look, Terror Lake Drive, Double Cross, The rich and the Ruthless, Ladies of Law, and Millenials.

Urban Movie Channel on Roku

How to add Urban Movie Channel on Roku?

You can find the Urban Movie Channel in the Roku Channel Store. However, it would help if you searched for ALLBLK because of the UMCs relaunch.

1. Launch the home page by pressing the Home button on your remote.

2. Navigate to and select the Streaming Channel option.

3. Further, select the Search channel option.

4. On the search bar, search for ALLBLK.

5. Now, the search results appear on the screen. Choose the ALLBLK channel from the results.

6. Click on the Add Channel option.

7. With this the download of the channel begins. Wait for the download to finish.

8. Click on OK.

9. Launch the Urban Movies Channel on Roku.

10. Log In to your ALLBLK account using your email address and password.

Urban Movie Channel on Roku

Now, stream all the mind blowing shows from UMC on Roku.

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Wrapping Up

The ALLBLK subscription costs you $4.99 per month. You can also get a $49.99 yearly subscription. Moreover, you can find a free trial on the Urban Movies Channel. Enjoy watching shows on different genres, including comedy, reality, and soap operas. Let’s add and enjoy streaming Urban Movie Channel on Roku.