Let’s discuss where to find WCSH on Roku. WCSH is a historic news broadcasting station launched in 1953. WCSH was found by the Rhines family, who owned the WCSH Radio and Congress Square Hotel. The channel had its headquarters in the Congress Square Hotel. Hence, it was named WCSH. All through these years, WCSH actively participates in community service projects.


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NEWS CENTER Maine is a media network from the TEGNA Inc. TEGNA is one of the trustworthy networks for relaying news. In the year 2015, TEGNA acquired the WCSH along with WLBZ news broadcasts. With this, WCSH broadcasts are now available state-wise. However, all the media and activities from the TEGNA are under the single name NEWS CENTER Maine. Therefore, WCSH is now a part of the NEWS CENTER Media.

How to Stream WCSH on Roku?

The NEWS CENTER Maine has an official Roku channel. This channel brings to you WCSH as well. So, let’s add NEWS CENTER Maine on Roku.

1. Turn on your TV and connect it to the Roku device.

2. On the home screen, select the Streaming Channels option.

3. On the Streaming Channels page, select the Search Channels option.

4. Search for the NEWS CENTER Maine channel.

5. Once the search completes, select the NEWS CENTER Maine channel.

WCSH on Roku

6. On the app info page, click on the Add Channel button.

7. Wait for the download to end and click on OK.

8. Launch the NEWS CENTRE Main channel and Log In to your account.

Now, you can get access to all the news content on WCSH.

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Wrapping Up

WCSH is one of the best news broadcasting networks. It brings you the most reliable news reports. You can get fast updates on weather, news, and sports using WCSH on Roku. In addition, you can get the latest news from various parts. It includes the national news and local news in the Portland area. On Roku, you need to add the NEWS CENTER Maine channel. With this channel, keep yourself aware of all the important news around you.