The web browser is the only mode of surfing the internet. There are plenty of internet browsers out there for different platforms. But when it comes to Roku, you can’t find a single web browser. Since Roku devices were developed for streaming purposes, you can find only the streaming and entertainment apps. Earlier, the Roku device had two web browsers, which were removed because they were not up to any traditional web browsers.

  • Browser X
web browser X

It is a simple web browser for Roku that can surf only basic web pages and works as a simple web player to stream media.

  • POPRISM Web Browser
web browser on roku

It is just a text-based browser that loads only text from a site, and no other media can be streamed or viewed using this browser.

Cast Browsing Contents from Smartphone & PC

Despite not having any browsers, you can use Roku to screen mirror the browsing contents from your smartphone & PC.


  • Connect your Roku device to the HDMI port and Turn on your Roku device.
  • Make sure both the Roku device and the casting device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on the screen mirroring mode to Always Allow/Prompt from the settings.


[1] Swipe down the screen to view the control center.

[2] Click on the Screen Cast menu from the control center.


[3] Select your Roku device from the list of available devices.


[4] After mirroring your Android screen, open a web browser that you want, and start browsing.


[1] Download and install Mirror for Roku on your iOS and Roku device.


[2] Launch the app on both devices.

[3] From the iOS app, select the Roku device from the list of devices.

web browser on roku

[4] From the pop-up, click on Allow notifications to mirror notifications.

web browser on roku

[5] On the next screen, click on the Start mirroring icon.

web browser on roku

[6] Finally, click on Start broadcast and now launch your browser to view it on your Roku device.

start broadcast

Windows PC

[1] Open Settings and choose the system settings tab.


[2] Under Display settings, click on Connect to a wireless display.

connect to wireless display

[3] Select your Roku device from the connect tab.


[4] Launch the browser on your Windows PC.

[5] The browser screen will mirror on the Roku TV.


[1] Search and install Mirror for Roku on both Mac and Roku.

web browser on roku

[2] Launch the app on both devices.

[3] On the Mac application, select your Roku as a Target device.

target device

[4] To hear audio on your Roku device, check the Enable Sound on TV box.

Enable sound on TV

[5] You will be asked to install an Audio driver to cast and listen to the audio.

[6] From the pop-up, click on Open the website.

Open website

[7] On the site, click on Download Audio driver to start downloading.


[8] Once downloaded, install the package file (.pkg) on your Mac device.

[9] After installation, it will ask you to restart all the media player (Quicktime player, VLC, Safari, Chrome, etc.) or restart your device.

Note: After the restart, launch the Mirror for Roku app and select the target device to continue.

[10] Now, check the Enable Sound on TV box.

[11] This time, you need to provide permission to access sound from your Mac device.

web browser on roku

[12] Click on Authorize and click on OK to confirm it.

web browser on roku

[13] Finally, check the box indicating Enable Sound on TV and then click the Start Mirroring option.

web browser on roku

[15] Launch a browser on your Mac PC, and it will mirror on the Roku.

Right now, there is no standalone browser available for Roku. Also, you can’t expect Roku to add a browser on the Channel Store. If Roku releases official browser support, we will update you immediately.