First Kill is an upcoming Supernatural teen drama exclusive with Netflix on Roku. If you are clueless about this genre, we will give you some examples you surely will know about. This is a genre which has in which countless hits have been found. ‘The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, and ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are some examples. Obviously, with a trailer so loved and the show with basics right with some new twist, Roku users are definitely intrigued about where to watch it. This show which is based on author Victoria V. E. Schwab’s 2020 short story of the same name, is going to be released on June 10, 2022. So, in this article, let us discover how to watch First Kill on Roku.

First Kill on Roku

How to Add Netflix to Watch First Kill on Roku

The following are some of the methods that you can use to get the Netflix channel to watch the First Kill web series.

How to Get Netflix on Roku

Since Netflix is popular among users, it is one of the best Channels on Roku. Also, Netflix comes as a default on some Roku devices. If its the case, you can see the Netflix button on your Roku remote. Otherwise, you have to add the Netflix app from the channel store. And if you can see the Netflix button on your remote, press it to launch the channel.

How to add Netflix to watch First Kill on Roku

How to Add Netflix using the Roku channel store

For others who don’t have the Netflix channel by default, we will help you get access to Netflix. Now before we do that, has to inform you that since this series is a Netflix-only series, you will have to pay a subscription fee for its access. With the simple and basic plan of $9.99, you can have access to all of the content Netflix can offer for a month. Also, if you want to explore more about subscription plans, visit the Netflix website at Now to add Netflix to your Roku device, follow the steps mentioned below.

[1] The first step is to turn on your Roku device or your Roku TV. Once you have done that with the help of the Roku remote, press the Home button to reach the Home screen.

[2] You will see a list of options on the left pane; navigate through the options to select Streaming Channels.

How to add Netflix to watch First Kill on Roku

[3] Once you have done that, you will now have to select Search channels options. Once you click on that, you will be able to use the On-screen keyboard, with the help of that search Netflix.

How to add Netflix to watch First Kill on Roku

[4] On the search result, you will see the Netflix Channel select that. It will take you to another page where you will be able to see an Add channel option. Click on that.

[5] Once the channel is downloaded and installed, you will get a popup with the message Netflix has been added to your channels. Press OK to complete the process.

How to Add Netflix on Roku via Web

The following are the alternative steps you can use to add Netflix from the web version of the Roku Channel Store.

[1] On any web browser, visit the official Roku Channel Store.

[2] Sign in to your account with your Roku credentials.

[3] Once you have done that, you have to now search Netflix using the help of the Search box. In the search result, you will see Netflix click on that.

Adding Netflix  via Website

[4] As you click on that, you will now enter the Netflix channel store page. You will see a highlighted Add channels button; click on that.

Adding Netflix with help of website

You have completed the process. Once it is done, the next time you turn on your Roku device, it will automatically download and install the Channel into your Roku device.

How to Use Netflix to Watch First Kill on Roku

For people who have not used Netflix before on their Roku, we have a guide to help you Log in and use it. So that you can navigate properly and access whichever show you wish to see.

[1] The First step will be to go to the Home screen with the help of the Home button on the Roku remote.

[2] After that, press the Right button, and you will see all the channels available. Navigate through the list and select Netflix.

[3] Now you will be prompted to either start a 30-day trial or sign in to your account. If you have an account, all you have to do is Sign in. If not, you will have to make a new account. But on the bright side, you will be getting a 30-day free trial.


1. Is the First Kill on Netflix?

The First Kill web series is a Netflix Original, and it is set to release on June 10, 2022.

2. Is Netflix free?

No, you need to pay for a subscription to access the Netflix platform.