Want to watch CHIVE TV content on Roku? This guide is for you. You can only use screen mirroring to watch CHIVE TV on Roku since the official theCHIVE application is unavailable in the Roku Channel Store.

You can screen mirror using theCHIVE mobile app if you have an Android or iPhone. If you have a desktop or laptop, visit theCHIVE official website to access it over the web, and you can mirror your PC screen to Roku.

In this article, you will learn how to watch CHIVE TV videos on Roku by screen mirroring from a mobile or PC.

How to Stream CHIVE TV on Roku

Before you screen mirror CHIVE TV on Roku, you need to tweak some settings on your Roku TV as follows. First, you must turn on screen mirroring on Roku if you are using an Android or Windows. If you have an Apple device like iPhone, iPad, or Mac, enable AirPlay on Roku.

Screen Mirroring: Go to SettingsSystemScreen mirroringScreen mirroring mode → Select Prompt.

Enable AirPlay on Roku: Go to SettingsApple AirPlay and HomeKit → Ensure AirPlay is ON.

How to Screen Mirror CHIVE TV Using Android or iPhone

To avoid app compatibility issues, ensure you have installed the latest version of theCHIVE application from the Play Store and App Store.

1. Connect Roku to WiFi, which should be the same as your smartphone.

2. Open theCHIVE application on your Android or iOS.

3. On your Android device, move to the Notification panel and Select the Cast icon.

Click the Cast icon

4. On iPhone, go to the Control Center and tap the Screen mirroring option.

Click screen mirroring to watch CHIVE TV on Roku

5. Select the Roku device from the list of devices.

6. You can see that your Android or iPhone screen now appears on your Roku TV.

7. Move back to theCHIVE app on your smartphone.

8. Select the content and watch it on your Roku screen.

Note: Check our comprehensive guide on AirPlay not working on Roku in case of streaming issues.

How to Screen Mirror CHIVE TV from Windows

1. Connect your Roku device to your PC’s WiFi network.

2. Move to the Web browser and visit the official website of CHIVE TV (thechive.com).

3. On your Windows, go to the Action Center tab and click the Connect tile.

4. From the Connect Window, select the Roku device’s name from the list of devices.

5. Your Windows PC screen will be mirrored on your Roku TV.

Select Roku to get CHIVE TV on Roku

6. Go to CHIVE TV’s official website on your PC and log in with the respective details.

7. Play your favorite CHIVE TV videos and start watching them on your Roku.

How to Screen Mirror CHIVE TV from Mac

1. Connect your Mac and Roku to the same WiFi network.

2. Open the Safari browser on your Mac and visit the CHIVE TV official website.

3. Sign in to your CHIVE TV account.

4. After signing in, click the Control Centre icon and select Screen Mirroring.

Click Control Center and select Screen mirroring on Mac

5. Choose the Roku device from the nearby devices.

6. When your Mac is paired with Roku, you can see your Mac screen on TV.

7. Play the content and watch the videos on a big screen.

CHIVE TV Subscription Plans

To get ad-free access to CHIVE TV, you must purchase a membership. The CHIVE TV pricing details are tabulated below. Visit the Chive TV website (thechive.com/membership) to subscribe to its plan.

Annual$69.69 ($5.81/month)
3-Year$149.99 ($4.16/month)

Features of CHIVE TV

  • This app spreads the awareness of business
  • One of the best apps that offers humor content
  • Curated based on user’s preferences
  • Content is available in various categories
  • It does not include any political content or snarky humor

Best Alternatives for CHIVE TV

You can use the following services to stream live TV channels and on-demand videos.


Can you watch CHIVE TV on XUMO?

Yes. Tune in to IP-325 to watch CHIVE TV videos using XUMO on Roku.

Is CHIVE TV free?

CHIVE TV is free but can unlock more features by subscribing to a premium membership.