Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. It has apps on various categories like browser, map, store, music, entertainment, business, photo, wallet, book, etc. Google has over billions of user who comes across any of those apps per day. It was first launched for Microsoft Windows followed other Operating system platforms including Linux, macOS, etc. In this article, we are gonna see how to access Google on Roku. Firstly, Roku does not have any browser in its channels store that enables you to surf the Internet. So the only way to browse on Roku is by screen mirroring. Although screen mirroring does not allow you to control from the Roku screen, all you can do is view what is mirroring on the screen. So let’s jump into how to access Google on Roku.


Before mirroring Google on Roku make sure the following things.

  • Connect to the Same WiFi Network
    • Press the Home button in your Roku remote
    • Select Settings from the menu.
    • Under Settings, select About.
    • Now you can see your device information under which you can find on what network you have connected.
    • Also, make sure both the Roku device and the casting device are connected to the same WiFi Network.
  • Enable Screen Mirroring
    • Get back to Settings and navigate to screen mirroring
    • Under Screen Mirroring, Select Screen Mirroring Mode.
    • In Screen Mirroring mode, select Prompt (Ask permission before screen) / Always allow (Mirror without permission).
Screen miroring mode - GOOGLE ON ROKU

Mirror Google from Android

[1] Open Playstore in your Android Smartphone.

[2] Download and install Google Chrome browser in your smarphone.


[3] Now open settings in your device.

[4] Select device/connection settings.

Device connection

[5] Under connection settings, select Cast/Multi-screen interaction/Smart view.


[6] Turn on the Cast/Multi-screen interaction/Smart view toggle.

Enable wireless display

[7] Select your Roku device from the list of available device.


[8] That’s it start surfing on internet and view it all on your Roku Screen.

Note: Settings may vary from device to device so make changes accordingly.

How to Browse Google on Roku via iPhone & iPad?

[1] Open App store in your device.

[2] Download and install Google browser in your iOS device.


[3] Again Search and install Mirror for Roku – Airbeam TV app in your device.

Mirror for roku

[4] Open Mirror for Roku app after installation.

[5] Select your Roku devoice from the screen.

Select your device

[6] It will ask you to install Mirror for Roku channel in your Roku screen.

Add channel

[7] Click on Add Channel in your Roku. (you can also do it prior by search Mirror for Roku in your Channel Store).

[8] Once the channel is added, open the channel in your device.

[9] Again click on your Roku device in your Mirror for Roku iOS app to establish connection.

[10] Now your device will ask you permission to screen notification, click on Allow Notification.

Start broadcast

[11] Once done, click on Start icon to start your mirroring on Roku.

Start mirroring

[12] Again in the pop select Start Broadcast.

GOOGLE ON ROKU - Start broadcast

[13] That’s it now you can browse anything on Google and it will be displayed on your screen.

Browser Google on Roku via Desktop PC

[1] Download and install Google Chrome browser in your PC.

[2] Click on Start and select Settings from the menu.


[3] Select System from the settings.


[4] From the left Pane of system settings, select Display.

[5] Under Display setting, scroll down to Connect to a wireless display.

Connect too a wireless display

[6] Now select your Roku device from the slide panel.


[7] Once the connection established, start surfing on your Chrome

[8] Now all the activity on you Chrome browser will be display on your Roku screen.


Google Play Movies & TV is the only Google app that is available on the Roku channel store whereas for all other Google app you need to mirror your device screen to Roku. To know how to add and activate Google Play Movies & TV on Roku – Click Here

It is expected that there will be a native browsing app soon be launched on Roku Channel Store until that all your browsing can be done only via mirroring. If you have any doubt make use of the comment section below. For more Roku updates and articles, explore the site.