Outdoor Channel is an American TV channel primarily focused on outdoor entertainment programs such as fishing, hunting, western lifestyle, adventure, and off-road motorsports. It is one of the oldest and successful running TV shows since its launch in 1994. You can also stream all contents in HD. Video streaming apps have become more popular in recent times, so they also launched their portable apps for many devices like Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, etc. So in this article, we teach you how to watch the Outdoor Channel on Roku.

Outdoor Channel has an active subscriber base of 36 million only in the USA, about 30% of Cable TV subscribers. It is also shut down in Malaysia in 2019 due to its low popularity. At the same time, it was launched in Australia in 2019 with commercials during streaming.

How to Install Outdoor Channel on Roku?

1. Switch ON the Roku device and press the Home button on the remote.

2. Tap Streaming channels in the left section.

Streaming channels - Roku

3. Now under Streaming channels select Select Search Channels.

Outdoor Channel on Roku

4. With the help of remote type MyOutdoorTV in the search box.

type MyOutdoorTV

5. Tap MyOutdoorTV and click Add channel button.

click Add channel

6. Wait for the app to be downloaded and installed on your device.

7. After successful installation, go back to Home and select Outdoor channel.

Outdoor Channel on Roku

8. You have successfully installed MyOutdoorTV on your Roku device.

How to Activate Outdoor Channel on Roku?

1. Visit the Outdoor Channel website in your browser.

2. Click START YOUR FREE TRIAL button in upper right corner.

start your free trial button

3. Select the Subscription packs according to your needs.

subscription packs - Outdoor Channel on Roku

4. Sign up with your email address or with your Facebook account.

checkout - Outdoor Channel on Roku

5. In the next step, enter your credit card details and click Checkout button.

6. Now after successful checkout. Go to the MyOutdoorTV Roku app and Sign in to the account you have created in the above step.

7. Start streaming your favorite Outdoor Channel Contents on Roku.

Outdoor Channel on Roku

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Finally, in the above article, we learn how to install and stream the Outdoor channel on Roku. You can also stream the Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network along With the Outdoor channel on the MyOutdoorTV app with one subscription. We hope that the above tutorial gives you a clear, detailed explanation of how to watch the Outdoor Channel on Roku.