Now the True Crime Network app is available on Roku Channel Store. True Crime Network is a free television channel presented by Sony Pictures Televisions on 22 March 2016. This channel offers one destination for streaming all the episodes of popular crime TV series right from your Roku device. Plus, it is 100% free to use, you no need to buy any subscription plans. Once you install the True Crime Network on Roku, you can directly start using the app without any registration.

true crime network on roku

The True Crime Streaming app presents nearly 500 hours of the compelling crime and mysterious contents like “Cold Case Files”, “Poisonous Liaisons”, “72 Hours: True Crime”, “Alaska State Troopers”, “Cruise Ship Killers”, “Dr. G: Medical Examiners”, and “Cold Blooded”. Every month new episodes will be added. With True Crime on Roku, you can also watch some original documentaries and hear podcasts. If you’re most obsessed with watching crime thriller content, then True Crime Network will be the right destination.

How to get True Crime Network on Roku?

True Crime Network is available officially on the Channel Store and you can add it to your device easily.

1. Connect your Roku to the HDMI port of the TV and turn it on.

2. Ensure you are on the Roku home screen, or else take your Roku device remote and press the Home button.

3. Click on the Streaming Channels menu in the left-side menu bar.

true crime network on roku

4. Under the Streaming Channels section, select Search Channels.

Search Channels option

5. Type ‘True Crime Network’ in the search bar, and select the channel in the search result.

6. On the app overview page, click on Add channel.

That’s it, once the True Crime Network channel is completely added, you can simply open and start using it on your Roku device without any registration.

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Alternative Methods

Casting True Crime Network on Roku from Android

1. Ensure to connect your Roku and Android to the same WiFi Network.

2. On your Roku device, enable the Screen Mirroring option under the ‘Settings’ menu.

3. On your Android mobile, install and launch the True Crime Network app from Play Store.

4. Play any content on the True Crime Network Android app.

5. Swipe up (or) Swipe down to open the control panel on your Android device, and choose the Cast option.

Cast option

6. Select your Roku device from the list of available devices to start mirroring the True Crime Network content on your Roku device.

true crime network on roku

7. Accept the screencast prompt that appears on your Roku device screen. Once you accept, within a few sec your Android device screen will get mirrored on your Roku device.

Screen Mirroring True Crime Network on Roku from iOS

1. Ensure that your Roku and iOS devices are connected by using the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Enable the Screen Mirroring option on your Roku device. For that first go to the ‘Settings’ menu, there you’ll be able to see the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option.

3. On your iOS device, install and launch the True Crime Network app from App Store.

4. Play any content on the True crime Network iOS app.

true crime network on roku

5. Open the Control Center, and choose the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirroring

6. Select your Roku devices from the list of available devices shown on your iOS screen.

7. That’s it, wait for a few seconds, your iOS device screen will get automatically screen mirrored on your Roku device. Then you can play and watch whatever content you want that is available on the True Crime Network app.

Sum Up

We have included the best methods that can help you to install and watch True Crime Network on Roku. With this app, you can watch the free episodes of your favorite true crime investigations series and listen to the best true crime podcasts on your Roku device. To check the True Crime Network channels’ program schedule click here. If you have any questions regarding this topic or face any issues while following the methods mentioned above, let us know by posting them in the comment box below.