Lately, Roku Channel Store has included the ever-popular streaming channel named CINEMAX. It offers hundreds of blockbuster movies, never miss TV shows, original series, on-demand video, and lots more. Currently, this app isn’t available as a standalone channel on Roku Store. However, there are ways in which you can stream CINEMAX on Roku. With a supported TV or satellite providers, you can access CINEMAX app shows. But the article discusses streaming CINEMAX app without the cable TV support.

How to Watch CINEMAX on Roku?

You can stream CINEMAX channel with the subscription of any of these apps on Roku TV.

1. Hulu

One of the popular subscription-based streaming service available for Roku TV includes Hulu. It will give you unlimited access to its biggest library without any ads. You may, therefore, watch a full season of popular series, movies, Hulu originals, etc. It also supports lots of add-ons and CINEMAX is one among them. Whether you have Hulu or Hulu+Live TV subscription, you can stream CINEMAX on Roku TV.


2. Amazon Prime Video


With Amazon Prime Video, you will get the best of entertainment for an unlimited time. It lets you stream Prime originals, movies, series, and more. Besides streaming, it further supports downloading videos as well. It is one among the few services to support CINEMAX channel. Since Prime Video is available for Roku, you can possibly stream CINEMAX shows on your Roku TV any time.

3. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue - CINEMAX on Roku
PlayStation Vue

To access the CINEMAX app, you may choose the PlayStation Vue. It is an over-the-top streaming service to supports a large number of channels. With PlayStation Vue on the streaming player or TV, get access to CINEMAX channel. It is available as a separate channel and so, you will never miss any of your favourite shows.

Alert: PlayStation Vue is about to discontinue its service on January 30, 2020. So, make sure you choose a better alternative to watch CINEMAX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CINEMAX is supported by TV providers?

Yes. There are lots of satellite or cable TV providers supports accessing CINEMAX app.

What are the TV providers that support CINEMAX channel?

There are lots of providers support available for CINEMAX. For example, you can watch it over Spectrum, DIRECTV, Hulu, Optimum, Xfinity, Cox, Suddenlink, etc.

Does Roku Channel Store supports CINEMAX channel officially?

It was mentioned in April 2019 that Roku Store will get the support of CINEMAX. But there is no mention regarding its addition about the exact date.

To Conclude

So, you can stream CINEMAX channel on Roku player using any of the streaming service subscriptions. Whether you have cable TV or any of the above-listed apps subscription, CINEMAX channel and its contents will be available on Roku streaming sticks or player.

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