CoComelon is an American YouTube channel with over 112 million-plus subscribers worldwide. It is also the second-largest YouTube channel in the world, next to T-Series. Watched mainly by kids and babies, their revenue is entirely from YouTube advertisements. In 2020, CoComelon expanded its platform to be available on top OTT networks like Netflix, The Roku Channel, and Hulu.

Roku is not an OTT channel, but it is a popular media streaming device that can stream all the TV and OTT apps on ordinary TVs. CoComelon has first launched in the Roku channel store because most of its YouTube subscribers use Roku as their primary streaming device. It’s free to install and stream on all the platforms but with few commercials in between streams.

How to Install CoComelon on Roku?

1. Plug in the Roku device and turn on your TV.

2. Now press Home button on Roku remote.

3. In the home screen, click Streaming channels in the left pane.

CoComelon on Roku

4. Scroll down and select Search channels.

click Search channels

5. With the help of remote, type CoComelon in to the search box and press OK.

tap Add channel button

6. Tap the CoComelon icon from the search list and click Add channel button in the next step.

7. After installation process is complete, click Go to channel.

click Go to channel - CoComelon on Roku

8. Enjoy watching CoComelon shows and episodes on your TV with Roku.

watch CoComelon on Roku

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When did CoComelon come out?

CoComelon has come out in September 2006 as a YouTube channel and later expanded it to the platforms with most subscribers who want to watch the shows independently on their own devices.

Why is CoComelon so popular?

It feels boring to the grown kids, but it is still being watched regularly by the babies and young kids. The main thing that makes CoComelon so popular is that the voice of the shows is like motherhood voice, so the kids used to hear long-time rhymes and watch shows for an indefinite time.

Wrapping Up

CoComelon has lots of entertainment and motivational content and also has positive feedback among all the kids. You can install it within a minute by following the above steps and also watch them for free. Having any doubts regarding CoComelon on Roku, then share them with us in the comment section.