You no longer need to fly to Las Vegas to enjoy its fabulous atmosphere. Thanks to social casino game Crazino, the same thrills can be experienced wherever you are! You can embark on an exciting journey without leaving your sofa –  that’s right, you can play live social casino right on your TV screen!

So what is a social casino?  It’s a game where you don’t bet real money when you play and don’t get cash for winning. The games are designed for entertainment purposes only. 

What Crazino offers are 13 free slots sure to satisfy any social casino admirer (especially with our generous welcome bonus, hourly and daily bonuses!):        

Slot #1 Vegas Heat

This is a traditional Vegas story with progressive bonuses. That’s Las Vegas from the comfort and safety of your home.

Slot #2 Legends of Haoyun

This is an Asian-themed fun machine for those looking for exquisite gaming experience. Collect your bonuses as you progress through this game with outstanding graphics. 

Slot #3 Crystal Blitz

This is a classic slot game, but with a crazy soul that will win you over from the word go. Let’s get the crystal ball rolling!

Slot #4 Fung-Wong Fortune

Meet another Asian-themed game for those intrigued by all things Oriental. Playing Fung-Wong Fortune will absolutely make you feel like the fortune is on your side!

Slot #5 Wild Safari

Buckle up and get ready to collect those bonuses! Animal lovers will love this cartoon with a bonus mini-game. It’s definitely going to be a wild one!

Slot #6 Eldorado

If you’re looking for an eldorado of bonuses, this one is waiting for you! Stacked symbols and more fun are guaranteed!


Slot #7 Burger Chef Deluxe

Feeling a bit hungry for winnings? Well, this chef has prepared some epic bonuses for you with deliciously generous reels on free spins!

Slot #8 Pirates (Jackpot)

Argh! We’re in the Caribbean, so watch out for chestfuls of bonuses! They’re all yours! You might even grab that crazy jackpot – if yer willin’ ta risk the plank, that is! 

Slot #9 Magic Slot

Ready for a bit of magic? There’s a majestic world of winnings ripe for the taking. The show is about to start, so what are you waiting for? Cast a spell and pick up the bonus respin – it won’t claim itself!


Slot #10 Mammoths Millions

Welcome to the Ice Age! But one full of bonuses as you explore the ancient wilds. 

Slot #11 Rich Fox Rush

Care to spend some time on a farm and help out? Don’t worry, you won’t have to work hard, just be sure to use your rich fox respins to cash in on those huge bonuses! 


Slot #12 Nile Empress’ Treasure

Discover amazing Egyptian treasure with these slots. The fascinating Scarab’s Treasure bonus game is also waiting for you. Progressive bonus and tagged symbols included!

Slot #13 Howling Stories

Wolves are howling, money is flowing! Native Americans are also a part of these exciting stories. Make use of the ice respin to get your winnings!


These 13 beautiful social casino games are now available to download for your ROKU TV. Explore them to your heart’s extent for absolutely nothing – that’s right – free! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the numerous bonuses social casino app Crazino has in store! What are you waiting for?

How to Add Crazino on Roku?

1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku device to it.

2. Select the Search Channels option from the menu.

3. Search for Crazino using the virtual keyboard.

4. Pick the Crazino channel from the search results.

5. Further, choose the Add Channel option.

6. Finally, click on OK as the download completes.

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