If you’re not from Denmark and have no idea what Danish TV is? You’re missing some interesting Danish content to watch on your Roku device! Danish TV is an internet streaming catchup television where you can get access to so much interesting Danish content. Yes, awesome content without spending a penny. On the Danish TV app’s home page, you could see all its program schedules like what will be on TV now, tomorrow and the complete schedules of their TV shows and movies. Go through this guide fully to get to know how to watch Danish TV on Roku.

Quick Steps: Navigate to Streaming Channels > Search Channels > Type “Danish TV” > Select Danish TV Channel > Tap on Add channels.

How to watch Danish TV on Roku?

[1] Turn on your Roku device and navigate to the Home screen.

[2] On the home screen menu, select Streaming Channels.

Go to home screen

[3] Under the Streaming Channels section, choose Search Channels.

[4] Use the Roku TV’s on-screen keyboard, and type “danish tv” in the search bar.

Search for the app

[5] Select the Danish TV channel in the search result.

[6] On the Danish TV channel more information page, tap on Add channel button.

danish tv on roku

[7] That’s all. Once the channel is completely installed on your Roku, you’ll be able to see a confirmation message. Click OK in it and then start using the Danish TV on Roku.

danish tv on roku

Tip: You can also add any channels/apps via voice command if your Roku remote has a microphone button on certain Roku devices. So to add Danish TV on Roku, you can press the microphone button and say “launch Danish TV.” Then you’ll be able to see a prompt message like “Danish TV channel you specified isn’t already in your channel list, if you want to install it select Install,” select ‘Install’ option in that prompt message, then you’ll be directed to the Danish TV’s Add channel option page.

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Now you know how to add and watch Danish TV on Roku. With charismatic actors, thrilling plots, and boundary-breaking content, this television Danish television series has captivated millions and millions of audiences worldwide in recent times. Some popular series that you can watch on this channel are NISSER, THE RAIN, EQUINOX, BORGEN, BRIDGE, and FOLLOW THE MONEY. So have a great time watching the world’s popular Danish TV shows and movies!


Who owns Danish TV?

Danish TV was owned by Danish Broadcasting Corporation (i.e., a famous television broadcasting company).

Is Danish TV on Roku free?

Yes, it is free to stream television app.

Is there any mobile app available for Danish TV?

There is no official application available for Danish TV for mobile platforms.