Entrepreneurial TV or eTV is an informative channel that is made available on the Roku platform. It focuses on helping out people who are looking forward to becoming an entrepreneur. The channel motivates people to escape their just-over-broke job and focus on their ideas through enlightening shows. It gives you ideas and insights on how to start a business and bring it up successfully. One of the most challenging factors for an entrepreneur is building and growing a successful business. With eTV, you can convert your small business into a prosperous one with expert ideas and insights.

How to Add eTV on Roku

1. Power up your TV and connect the Roku device using the HDMI port.

2. Also, make sure to connect your Roku device to a stable internet connection.

3. From the home screen of your device, select the Streaming Channels option.

Streaming Channels

4. From the menu, navigate to and select the Search Channels option.

Search Channels

5. Search for the eTV app and select the app icon from the search suggestions.

6. On the next screen, select the Add Channel option.

7. Wait for the app download to complete and you click on OK.

8. Next, open the eTV app by clicking on the Go to Channel option.

9. Once the channel is opened, sign in with your eTV account.

10. Watch all the business-related videos on Roku.

eTV on Roku

Alternative Method to Add eTV on Roku

1. Turn on your smartphone and connect to a stable internet connection.

2. Next, open the Roku mobile app and sign in to it.

3. Tap the Channels tab in the navigation bar.

4. Next, select Channel Store from the menu.

5. Search for the eTV app and find it from the search results.

6. Next, click on the Add Channel option to start downloading the app.

7. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete any purchase if needed.

8. Also, enter the Roku Account Pin when prompted with the same.

9. After that, the eTV app will be installed on Roku. Open the eTV app and stream its videos.

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You can use either of these two methods to download and access eTV on Roku. With hard work combined with expert entrepreneur ideas, you can attain your dreams at a faster pace.


1. Does Roku have eTV?

Yes, Roku has an official Entrepreneurial TV or eTV channel streaming in it. You can find a lot of insights and ideas for your business on this channel.

2. Is there an app for eTV?

Yes, Roku has an official Entrepreneurial TV or eTV app in the Roku Channel Store