Discover Plus is an on-demand streaming service that provides easy access to all your favorite channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, and Food Network in one streaming app. It was launched in the United States in the year 2021. The subscription cost starts at 5 dollars a month with commercials. If you wish to go ad-free, then you can subscribe for 7$ a month. If you are no longer using Discovery Plus subscription, then you can cancel the subscription anytime. Here are the ways to cancel Discovery Plus Subscription on Roku.

How to Cancel Discovery Plus subscription on Roku?

You can cancel the subscription of this Discovery+ channel anywhere anytime as per your need. There are three different ways to cancel the Discovery+ subscription.

  • Cancelling using Roku device
  • Using Roku website
  • Using the Discovery+ website

How to cancel Discovery Plus subscription on Roku: Using Roku device?

1. Press the Home button on your Roku device.

how to cancel discovery plus subscription on roku

2. Navigate your remote control to the channel grid and highlight the Discovery+ channel.

3. Press the (*) button on your remote.

4. Select the Manage subscriptions >> Cancel subscription.

select manage subscriptions and click cancel subscription.

5. Again, select the Cancel subscription button to confirm the cancelation process.

6. Click Done.

You have successfully canceled the Discovery+ subscription.

2. Using Roku website

1. Open the browser on your PC, go to the Roku website.

2. Sign in to your Roku account.

how to cancel discovery plus subscription on roku

3. Click on the Manage accounts >> Manage your subscriptions.

how to cancel discovery plus subscription on roku

4. Select the Discovery+ channel and click Unsubscribe option.

5. Now click, Yes unsubscribe option to confirm the cancelation.

You no longer have a subscription to this channel.

3. Using the Discovery Plus website

1. Open your Discovery+ website and sign in to your account.

2. Choose the account from the dropdown menu.

3. Choose the Manage Your Account option and select Cancel in the plan option.

Now you have canceled your subscription process successfully.

Discovery Plus on Hulu Live TV

To watch the Discovery+ channel on Hulu, you should subscribe Hulu+ Live TV package. With this, you have over 60 channels, and Discovery+ is one of them. To subscribe to the channel, you need to pay $8 per month to enjoy watching your favorite content.

Discovery+ on Hulu Live TV

Wrapping Up

When canceling a paid subscription, you have an option to leave the channel active until the end of the subscription date. If you are no longer using the subscription, you can cancel it anytime instead of paying. You need to spend 2 minutes to cancel the subscription. Are you still facing any issues? Contact customer support and get the subscription canceled right away.