NFL Network is the only network that streams 23 live preseason games. It is an American sports channel launched in 2003 by National Football League(NFL). It is a sports-oriented network with headquarters in Los Angeles. The NFL Network will air the live primetime games on Thursdays beginning. With an NFL game pass, you will never miss any gameplay of your favorite team. It is a subscription-based sports app that provides you all the information about Football. You can subscribe for $99 as a one-time fee with no live sports matches. In this article, we explain how to cancel the NFL network on Roku.

How to cancel NFL network on Roku?

Canceling the NFL network is not a painful process. You can unsubscribe from it anywhere anytime accordingly. There are three different methods for cancelation. And they are as follows.

  • Canceling using Roku device
  • Using Roku website
  • Using NFL network website

Try using this method as directed below.

1. How to cancel NFL network on Roku: Using Roku device

1. Press the Home button on your Roku device.

How to cancel NFL network on Roku

2. Navigate your Roku remote and highlight the NFL network channel.

3. Press the (*) star button on your remote.

4. Select Manage subscription > Cancel subscription.

5. Select Cancel subscription again to confirm the cancelation.

You have canceled the subscription process successfully.

2. Using Roku website

1. Go to browser > Open Roku website > Sign in.

How to cancel NFL network on Roku

2. Login using your Roku account.

3. Choose Manage account > Manage your subscriptions.

How to cancel NFL network on Roku

4. Select the NFL network and click Unsubscribe option.

5. Now click the Yes, Unsubscribe option to confirm the process.

You have successfully canceled the NFL network subscription.

3. Using NFL website

You can either use those two methods using the Roku device and website, or you can use this NFL network method for the cancelation process.

1. Open the Browser on your PC and head to the NFL network website.

2. Sign in to your NFL account.

3. Choose the Manage your subscriptions option and select Cancel Subscriptions.

4. Confirm the cancelation and finish it up as directed.

You no longer have a subscription to this channel.

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Wrapping Up

Canceling a subscription is up to your convenience. After the cancellation, the channel will be active till the end of the billing date. You can cancel your NFL Network subscription using the methods as directed above. We have provided three different methods of cancelation. We hope you can cancel the sports subscription by trying any one method and share your experience with us in the comment section to give you more guidance.