NHL is an online video streaming service that has over 500+ Hockey leagues and also Livestream Hockey events. The main feature of NHL is you can stream up to 60fps, and you can watch from your own camera angles, and you can select the commentator as per your choice. But the subscription cost itself costs $24.99, which is maybe too high for this TV. If you need any assistance on how to cancel your NHL subscription on Roku, this guide will help you.

How to Cancel NHL Subscription on Roku

On Roku, the NHL subscription can be canceled in four methods. They are,

  1. Using Roku device.
  2. Using Roku website.
  3. Through the NHL website.
  4. Through NHL Customer care.

Using Roku device

1. Switch on the Roku device and tap the Home button on the remote.

2. Navigate to Your channels > NHL.

How to Cancel NHL Subscription on Roku

3. Press the Star button and select the Manage subscription.

manage subscription

4. Tap Cancel subscription in the popup window.

cancel subscription

5. Again, tap Cancel subscription to confirm your cancellation.

How to Cancel NHL Subscription on Roku

6. Click Done to exit the popup.

Done - How to Cancel NHL Subscription on Roku

7. You have successfully canceled your NHL subscription on Roku using the Roku device.

Using Roku website

1. Visit Roku official website and click the Sign In button.

2. Sign in to your Roku account.

roku website

3. Navigate to Manage Account > Manage your subscriptions.

manage your subscriptions

4. Select NHL in your subscription list and click Unsubscribe button.

How to Cancel NHL Subscription on Roku

5. Click “Yes, Unsubscribe” to cancel your subscription.

6. Your subscription will be canceled automatically after your current active subscription period ends.

Using NHL website

1. Go to the NHL website and tap the Avatar icon in the upper right corner.

How to Cancel NHL Subscription on Roku

2. Sign in to your NHL account.

3. Go to My Account > Settings > Cancel Subscription.

4. Click the CONTINUE TO CANCEL button.

continue to cancel

5. Then, click the Cancel button to cancel your NHL subscription.

Using NHL Customer Care

You can also cancel an NHL subscription using their support center through email or phone.

  • Call 800-559-2333 to follow the IVR to cancel your subscription.
  • Write a mail to [email protected] with your subscription ID and ask them to cancel your subscription.

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Finally, we learned all the possible ways to cancel the NHL subscription on Roku. We assume that just by following the steps, you will be able to cancel the NHL subscription. If you face any errors during the cancellation process, let us know in the comment section below.