Roku device offers a streaming service that allows us to access channels in various languages, so you can also add Korean channels on Roku and enjoy streaming. Moreover, you can get all the Korean movies from the channels you have added.

Best Korean Channels

Channels Download LinkRatings
VikiRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
OnDemandKoreaRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
KORTV – Korean Entertainment 24/7Roku Channel Store★★★☆☆
Korea Live TVRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆’s Korean Food ChannelRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆


Viki to access Korean channels on Roku

Awesome content for any level of learners.

Viki is one of the top drama sources for Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese shows and Films. This provides drama series to fans for free and offers without spending money. Viki also has a premium subscription for an ad-free and high-definition experience. In addition, some of the services have English or Korean subtitles while watching movies.



Access channels with a huge library which is updated daily.

OnDemandKorea is the top destination for the latest Korean dramas, shows, movies, and more. This will be updated daily with new and classic titles. You’ll be sure to find the next binge list you have. Browse through the catalog and instantly stream your favorite Korean shows in HD quality which does not have any additional charge. This OnDemandKorea content is only available in North and South America.

KORTV – Korean Entertainment 24/7


Simple plan structure with no hidden fees and conditions.

KORTV is the global destination for live Korean entertainment. Stream live broadcasts from leading Korean television networks such as KBS world, TV Chosun, and Arirang TV, and watch the latest movies and shows in demand. This is the latest news from Korea with 24/7 TV news. KORTV Networks and streams of hundreds of Korean blockbusters and KDreamas on demand. KORTV stays up to date with K-Pop channels.

Korea Live TV

Korea Live TV for Korean channels on Roku

Get all the Live shows from Korea Live TV.

This was developed by Teevy and provides live streaming of Korean TV channels on Roku devices. You can access all the channels and shows you need to watch on Korea Live TV. This will help you access all the categories of Korean movies and TV shows you need.’s Korean Food Channel

Korean Food to get Korean channels.

Totally free and useful for beginners benefits.

If you want to learn about Korean cuisine and improve your language skills, this channel will help you learn both. With this, you can learn about preparing traditional Korean meals with staples like rice, meats, and vegetables. However, this won’t suggest a particular segment or shows to be watched on the channel.

Note: Roku devices support many languages to convenience people from most parts of the world, some of the channel lists they offer include Chinese or western channels.


Why is my Korean channel not working on Roku?

If you cannot access the Korean channel on your Roku device, you can simply remove the channel from the Roku home screen and try restarting the device. It would help us fix the internal glitches and function normally.