MagellanTV has the greatest collection of documentaries relating to History. Apart from history, it covers topics like civilization, crime, space, and science. You might find different informative channels on Roku, but MagellanTV is a lot different from others. Let’s add MagellanTV on Roku and stream movies, series, and documentaries relating to history and science.  

Available now on Apple iOS, Google Play, Roku and FireTV

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What’s on MagellanTV?

The genres of programs on MagellanTV cover science, history, space, and crimes. It hosts around 3000 documentaries with new content updated every week. All of the contents are from best makers and streams in 4K resolution. However, MagellanTV doesn’t have any original content. Instead, it collects and streams content from other sources, including BBC, Hulu, CuriosityStream, and Netflix. Some brilliant shows on MagellanTV include Hubble Eye in The Sky 4K, Germany From Above, Spain From Above, and Italy From Above.

MagellanTV on Roku

How to Add MagellanTV on Roku?

Before getting MagellanTV on Roku, get subscribed to it from To add MagellanTV on Roku, follow these steps.

1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku to the HDMI port of it.

2. Now, navigate to the Streaming Channels option on the sidebar on your home screen.

3. Scroll to and select the Search Channels option from the Streaming Channels section.

4. Enter the search term MagellanTV using the on-screen keyboard.

5. Once the search results appears, select the MagellanTV from the list.

6. From the overview page, select the Add Channel option.

7. Now, the channel starts to download.

8. Finally, press on OK as the download completes.

9. Launch the MagellanTV from the home screen. You will find an activation code on the screen.

10. Visit the activation link on your smartphone or PC.

11. If you are already a member, then enter your login details. If you are a new user, then create your account with a free trial.

12. After logging in, enter the activation code and click on the Authorize button.

On successful authorization, you can start streaming MagellanTV on your Roku connected TV.

Subscription plan

We have discussed what MagellanTV streams and how to add them on Roku. It is equally important to know the subscription plans on Magellan TV.

  • The annual membership costs you only $59.88
  • Quarterly membership costs $17.97 with a three-month duration
  • Monthly membership costs only $6.99
  •  MagellanTV is an ad-free platform free from interruptions.
  • Additionally, get free trials with monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.
  • You need to pay additional charges for Netflix, Hulu, and CuriosityStream if you need to stream content from them.

Wrapping Up

MagellanTV has one of the best collections of informative videos from other services. This wonderful channel lets you look at your world from a different viewpoint. You can create a watchlist on MagellanTV. Furthermore, MagellanTV keeps track on your streaming and lets you watch videos from where you left them unwatched. Have a great time watching documentaries with Magellan TV on Roku.