If you feel that you are missing out on motorsports coverages, then add Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku right now. Motor Trend OnDemand is the right stop for Car enthusiasts. You can fight thrilling and mind-blowing premier motorsport and automotive on-demand videos on Motor Trend OnDemand. Apart from this, find Motor Trend Original programs on Roku. Let’s add Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku.

Motor Trend OnDemand

What’s on Motor Trend OnDemand?

Motor Trend OnDemand has a lot of previous motorsports coverage on it. There are thousands of hours of motorsports events and live events on this channel. Some of such events are Dirtbike, Open Wheel, Touring Cars, and Endurance Series. Additionally, Motor Trend OnDemand streams Original content. Some of the Original content includes Dirt every day, Auto Mundial, and Epic Drives. The subscription to Motor Trend costs only $4.99 per month. Furthermore, Motor Trend gives you a test drive of two weeks.

Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku

How to Add Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku?

You can find the Motor Trend OnDemand channel in the sports section of Roku. To add the channel, follow these simple steps.

1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku device to it.

2. Now select the Streaming Channels option on your home screen.

3. Select the Search Channel option from the menu on your screen.

4. Next, type and search for Motor Trend on the search bar.

5. The search results appear on the screen. Select the Motor Trend from the list.

6. From the overview page, click on the Add Channel option.

Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku

7. Now, the channel starts to download. Wait a few minutes for the download to complete.

8. Finally, select the OK button on the pop-up.

With this, we have added the Motor Trend OnDemand channel.

How to Activate Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku?

Now that we have added Motor Trend OnDemand, we need to activate it.

1. Launch the new Motor Trend OnDemand channel from the home screen.

2. Click on the Sign In button from the home screen.

3. You can see two options on your screen, choose Use a computer/mobile option.

4. An Activation code appears on your screen.

5. From a web browser on your PC or mobile, visit motortrendondemand.com/activate.

6. Enter the activation code on the space provided.

7. Finally, click on Apply button.

After successfully activating your account, you can start streaming it on your TV.

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Wrapping Up

There are a lot of interesting shows made exclusively for car enthusiasts. Apart from Roku, you can enjoy it on phones, tablets, and gaming devices. The channel also gives you updates on the latest automotive research. Watch some popular motorsports events like the British Touring Car Championship, Endurance Series, and V8 Supercars with Motor Trend OnDemand on Roku. Moreover, new contents are available on Motor Trend OnDemand every day.