OnDemandKorea on Roku is one of the best Korean content streaming options. It brings to you K-Dramas, K-Variety, K-Pop, and K-Reality shows with subtitles. OnDemandKorea is one of the favorite channels of all K-Drama fans out of Korea. It streams content from Korea’s popular networks like KBS, MBC, SBS, JTBC, tvN, and CBS. Apart from Roku, OnDemandKorea has apps on Android and iOS devices. However, note that OnDemandKorea is available only in North and South America.

What’s on OnDemandKorea?

The OnDemandKorea(ODK) brings content from Korea within a few hours of their airing in Korean channels. The content in OnDemandKorea is categorized as Pay-Per-View, News, Drama, Variety, Documentaries, Kids, Sports, KOCOWA, and Education. Some of the popular shows on OnDemandKorea are Youth of May, Penthouse, Penthouse 2, How Do You Play, Uncovering The Truth, Nice Alone, Miss Monte-Cristo, and The King’s Woman. 


How to Add OnDemandKorea on Roku?

You can add OnDemandKorea on Roku as a Private channel. Follow these simple steps and add the channel.

1. From any web browser, visit https://my.roku.com/account.

2. Enter the existing credentials of your account on the Roku device and Sign In.

3. From the top-right corner, select the My Account option.

4. On the My Account page, select the Add channel with a code option.

5. Type the code MM6K6Q2 in the space for code.

6. Click on the Add Channel button.

7. With this, the OnDemandKorea channel will be added to your Roku account.

8. On your Roku device, choose the Settings option and then the System option.

9. Choose the System Update and then the Check Now option.

10. The channels will get refreshed, and you can find OnDemandKorea on Roku.

OnDemandKorea on Roku

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What are the Plans Available on OnDemandKorea?

Let’s look at the different plans on OnDemandKorea. First, OnDemandKorea has two basic plans in it.

  1. PREMIUM Annual at $89.99
  2. PREMIUM Monthly at $10.99

Additionally, you can get a free OnDemandKorea premium. Let’s look at the better side of the Premium plan.

  • Watch content free of ads
  • All the KOCOWA contents are available within 24 hours of TV screening.
  • The Premium has over 350 movies for you while the free plan has only 24.
  • Streaming possible on 5 different devices.

Wrapping Up

OnDemandKorea is one of the best Korean Content broadcasting channels. The Korean wave has strilke our banks not long ago. So, if you are into K-dramas and K-Idols, don’t hesitate to add OnDemandKorea on Roku. You can stream all your favorite dramas and variety shows within 24 hours of its stream. Additionally, you can access contents on KOCOWA with an OnDemandKorea subscription.