The Pac-12 Network (P12N) is an American network that mainly focuses on Sports. You can get the Pac-12 Network broadcasts in the US and Canada. Pac-12 Network claims itself to be Where Champions Play. The Pac-12 Network has sporting events on the network all day and night. It includes both live and archived sports. Let’s add the Pac-12 Network on Roku.

Pac-12 Network

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What’s on Pac-12 Network?

The Pac-12 Network streams sports, including football and basketball. It streams both college sports and national events. Additionally, it has special programs like spring football games, interviews with coaches, and others. Some of the shows on Pac-12 Network include Pac-12 sports Report, The Drive, Pac-12 Classic, Pac-12 Encore, and Conference of Champions.

Pac-12 Network on Roku

How to Stream Pac-12 on Roku

Pac-12 Networks has released a channel named Pac-12 Now on the Roku Channel Store. So, you can directly access the Pac-12 Networks on your streaming device by following the steps below.

1. From the Roku home screen, select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels

2. Next, select Search Channels.

Search for Pac-12 Now

3. Use the virtual keyboard to enter and search for the Pac-12 Now app.

4. Choose the Pac-12 Now channel from the search results.

5. Finally, click on the Add Channel button to add the Pac-12 Now on your Roku device.

6. After adding Pac-12 Now on your streaming device, click on OK.

7. Then, select the Go to Channel button to launch the channel.

8. Sign in with your Cable TV provider account to stream the Pac-12 Networks on your Roku TV.

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Alternative Way – Watch Pac-12 Network on Roku

Unlike other channels, we don’t have an official Pac-12 Network channel on Roku. Hence, to stream Pac-12 Network on Roku, we need some Live TV options. On Roku, we can stream Pac-12 Network with three service providers.

  • fuboTV
  • SlingTV
  • Vidgo


fuboTV is the best service provider for sports lovers. It streams all the important sports, including both professional and college sports. The fuboTV streams best-in-class Live Pac-12 Network on Roku channels and other on-demand content on its base package. Add the Sports pack of $9 to the general subscription on fuboTV to watch the Pac-12 network.



Sling TV is one of the best options for Live TV streaming options. It has a better channel list and best-compiled add-on packages. There are two basic plans on SlingTV, the Sling Orange and The Sling Blue. These plans have different channel line-ups and cost you $30 per month. Also, you can get Pac-12 Network with a $10 per month Sports add-on along with other channels like NBA TV, NHL, ACC network, and ESPN.



Vidgo is a popular streaming platform that streams most of your favorite sports channels, including Pac-12 Network. Apart from Pac-12 Network, it has sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. The subscription plan on Vidgo streams around 80 English and Spanish channels.


You can add one of the above service providers on Roku. Then, follow these simple steps for the same.

1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku device to it.

2. Navigate to and select the Streaming Channels option on the sidebar on your home screen.

3. Find and select the Search Channel option from the menu on your screen.

4. Type and search for your service provider (fuboTV, SlingTV or Vidgo)on the search bar.

5. The search results appear on the screen. Select the service provider (fuboTV, SlingTV or Vidgo)from the list.

6. From the overview page, click on the Add Channel option.

7. Now, the channel starts to download. Wait for a few minutes for the download to complete.

The Pac-12 Network is one of the biggest networks that stream sports. It also streams some pay-per-view events in it. We have discussed the three different platforms on Roku that stream Pac-12 Network. Choose the one with your favorite channels and add it to Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Pac-12 Network on Roku?

No, Pac-12 Network is not on Roku, but you can use streaming services to watch it on Roku.

2) How to get Pac-12 Network on Roku?

You can get Pac-12 Network without cable, and that is by using streaming services. The services that have Pac-12 Network are fuboTV, SlingTV, and Vidgo.

3) Does Sling have Pac 12 network?

Yes, you can watch the Pac 12 network on Sling TV.