Roku device offers channels in multiple languages, including Russian, Korean, and more. So, it would help people from different regions to watch their local channels via Roku devices. The following are the Russian channels available on Roku, so you can choose any of them, offering entertaining or favorite content.

List of Russian channels

Innovative RussianRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
Flickstream TV RussianRoku Channels Store★★★☆☆
etvnetRoku Channels Store★★★☆☆
Divan TVRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆

Innovative Russian

innovative russian on roku channel store.

Do you wish to learn the Russian language on your Roku device? The Innovative Russian channel would be a great option for beginners to learn the Russian language and is said to be the fastest, easiest, and most entertaining method. This channel helps you learn and practice Russian using video lessons and courses. Innovative Russian has a tutor available with one-click access using your remote. You can be benefited from the channels and lessons. Get this on your device and make use of it.

Flickstream TV Russian

flickstream russian channel on Roku channel store

This Flickstream is a live-streaming channel that has a wide category of various new and old Russian films. However, this channel does not have any itinerary guide, so we will be able to play channels or movies randomly. Most of the movies from Flickstream TV Russian aren’t available with English subtitles, but some of them have Russian subtitles. It would greatly help people who wish to learn the Russian language. You can access the channel freely and enjoy streaming.



The eTVnet lets us watch more than 200+ live channels, and we also have the option to record channels for over 2 weeks. It has various channels, including news, entertainment, film, sports, kids, and more. Moreover, you can watch many popular TV series, blockbusters, iconic film premieres, etc. The eTVnet would cost between $20 to $40 per month, based on your chosen plan. However, you can access the free content before paying for the subscription.

Divan TV

divan tv russian on roku

Divan TV is the first interactive service to enjoy watching Russian and Ukrainian channels and movies worldwide. Over 100 Russian and Ukrainian channels are available on Divan TV, and most of the navigation is in English, so new users can find it easy to navigate across the device to get their desired content. In addition, you can access this app with certain content with Russian subtitles while others do not.