Roku is a platform in which users can stream movies, TV shows, and many more channels of other streaming services and channel networks. Using the Roku channel store, you can get to access some of the best out-of-country channels like Russian, Asian, etc. If you like to explore some of the Russian channels on your Roku device, check out the upcoming features and channel lists.

Best Russian Channel on Roku

Though there is a limited number of apps available for Russian TV channels, you can consider these apps the best app for watching Russian content.

Russian ChannelRoku Channel Store LinkRATINGS
Innovative RussianRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
Russia TV and MusicRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
Flickstream TV RussianRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
eTVnetRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
Divan TVRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
CoilbookRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆

Innovative Russian

Best channels to learn Russian language on Roku

For beginners, the Innovative Russian channel will be a great addition to learning the Russian language instantly. The innovative teaching and the host make it easier to learn the language. You can get to learn the vocabulary, Russian phrases, and cultural tips on the channel. Beginners can learn the language using the video and audio sessions of the channel. You can get the channel on your device easily using the Roku Channel Store.


  • Audio and Video sessions for easy understanding of Russian words in English.
  • Easy Russian teaching for a little premium fee.
  • The channel is partnered with the Innovative language learning Authority. They sell over 25+ online courses and 600 languages apps in iTunes and Google Play store.
What we likeWhat we don’t like
Easy and Fun way of teachingComes in Premium
The channel use Native speaker for better fluency and accent development

Russia TV and Music

Best Russian channels to stream News, Music, and Movies on Roku

Russia TV and Music channel are also called K*TV, which streams movies, music, news, and live TV channels. The channels offer some of the best Russian channel lists that can be streamed on Roku devices. The channel clubs the content of every channel into a single one.


  • The channel consists of every channel’s content into its single network.
  • You can stream channels of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Armenia on the channel.
What we likeWhat we don’t like
The channel offers free air-to-air channelsLive channels can be delayed comparing other networks
Offers free-of-cost channels on Roku

Flickstream TV Russian

Flickstream Channel on Roku

Flickstream TV is one of the channel networks that stream movies, TV shows, and TV series on its channel. The channel airs 24/7 with its collection of classic Russian movies, TV shows, and many more. You can watch random movies with English subtitles support.


  • Flickstream offers free and premium content in its channel.
  • You can get to watch every category of movie, like War, Comedy, Martial Arts, etc.
  • Users can get to watch some of the cowboy classic movies on Flickstream.
What we likeWhat we don’t like
The channel offers maximum content for freeAds while streaming
Streams classic and brodacst24/7Some contents are accessed by paying a small fee


eTVnet is one of the TV networks of Russia that comes with a collection of more than 200+ live channels. You can access the 1,000,000 on-demand titles on the channel, including Sports. Using the recording feature, you can get record channels that can e stored for up to 2 weeks. To stream this Russian network on your Roku, you need to pay a premium of $40/ month, $35/ month(6-month prepayment), and $25/ month(12-month prepayment).


  • You can stream the channel on unlimited devices.
  • The channels come in HD resolution.
  • You can get a free trial of the network for 14 days by visiting the official website.
  • The eTVnet channels can be accessed through the Play store app.
What we likeWhat we don’t like
Offers a ton of on-demand and good entertainment.Pricing is a little high
Streams some of the classic love films

Divan TV

Divan TV

Diva TV is an OTT-based provider that streams movies, TV shows, and Ukrainian channels in its service. The service offers around more than 100 channels with English movies dubbed in Russian and many classic movies. The UI of the service is easy to use with English support, which makes browsing even faster. To stream some of the best Russian channels on Roku, this is the destination.


  • You can download the Divan TV app on the trusted APK website.
  • The service is available on Streaming devices like Roku and Firestick.
  • You can watch some English movies like Marvel, Kungfu, and many more channels on the service.
What we likeWhat we don’t like
Comes with Chromecast supportYou need to pay a premium of $6.99 per month
Offers many classic and latest movies


Best Russian channels on Roku for Kids

Coilbook is a Russian kid’s channel in which you can get to view some of the shows that make kids happy. Even adults can watch some of the shows on the channel with their kids and spend quality time. The plot of automobiles talking with bright animations can give colors to the kid’s entertainment. The channel streams content free of cost to its users.


  • You can watch the Coilbook content on the YouTube platform.
  • The channels can be streamed in 3D animations with HD resolution.
What we likeWhat we don’t like
The channel’s video can be accessed through Facebook mediaOffers a little fewer videos
Offers friendly content for toddlers

Users who like to explore some of the Russian channels on their Roku device can go through the above-mentioned channel apps of the Roku channel store. If you have any queries or special requests related to Roku, let us know in the comments.