Disney Plus is a streaming platform with popular content from Pixar, Disney, Marvel, National Geographic, and other channel networks in its app. The app is mostly used by the family audience for the respected content they offer. It offers a premium subscription for $7.99 monthly and $79.99 annually. To enhance the streaming of the service, Disney plus offers subtitles for every playable content on every streaming device and on the mobile app. You can turn on the subtitles of Disney Plus on the Roku device itself whenever you need it.

How to Turn Subtitles on Disney Plus App on Roku

1: Select the Disney Plus app from the home screen of Roku.

2: On the app, choose content and start playing.

3: While streaming, pause the video for a second.

4: Now, click the Audio & Subtitles option on the top right.

Click on the Audio & Subtitles of Disney Plus app on Roku

5: Then, from the list of available subtitles, select anyone and turn on subtitles.

If you like to turn off the subtitles, follow the same steps and select the Off option in the list of subtitles.

How to Turn on Subtitles on Roku

You can also turn off and on the subtitles on your Disney Plus using the Roku device settings.

1: First, click on the Home button on the Roku remote.

Click on the Home button

2: Move to the Home page and select the Settings option.

Choose Settings option

3: From the Settings menu, select Accessibility.

Select accessibility from the menu

4. Click on the Captions mode and choose from off, on always, or on replay.

5. Under the Caption preferred language, choose the preferred language and Caption style.

Click Caption mode to turn on Disney Plus subtitles on Roku device

6. Other options allow you to select your preferred subtitle language and appearance.

How to Turn Disney on Plus Subtitles using Roku Remote

Other than the previous method, this method is proven to be even faster in changing Disney Plus subtitles on Roku.

1: Open Disney plus app on a Roku device.

2: Then, choose any content and play it on your TV.

3: While playing, press the * (Asterisk) button on the Roku remote.

4: Now, select the Closed captioning option from the Options pop-up.

Select Closed captioning and turn on subtitles on Disney Plus app

5: Now, you can turn On and off the subtitles on Disney Plus.

Using the pop-up, you can even change the Audio track of the content that you are streaming.

These three are the possible method to turn on, change, and turn off subtitles of the Disney Plus app on the Roku device.


1: What to do when subtitles are not displaying on the Disney+ app?

On the playback screen of any movie or TV show, click on the Audio & Subtitles or Subtitles option. Then select the options to turn on subtitles on Disney Plus mobile. But some content on Disney Plus doesn’t support changing Audio or Subtitles in it. You can also restart the Roku device and relaunch the Disney Plus app.