Disney Plus is a one-stop streaming platform to watch all Disney and other popular content, including Pixar, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and more. Most importantly, they offer movies in up to 4K HDR (Dolby Vision) along with Dolby Atmos audio as well. By getting a subscription, it allows us to stream on four devices simultaneously, and they can have individual profiles under one subscription. It offers a premium subscription for $7.99 monthly and $79.99 annually. Like any other streaming platform, Disney Plus also offers subtitles to the contents, making other language movies accessible to everyone. We won’t miss out on quality content irrespective of the language, and all we need to do is simply turn on Disney Plus subtitles on your Roku device.

Methods to Turn on Disney Plus Subtitles on Roku Device

Enabling the subtitles for Disney plus on a Roku device is simple. So, choose the content you wish to play on Disney Plus using a Roku device. Here is the primary method on how to turn on the subtitles on Disney plus,

1. First, Click on the Home button on the Roku remote.

Click on the Home button

2. Move to the Home page and select the Settings option.

Move to the settings option to turn on the subtitles on Disney

3. From the Settings menu, select Asseccsibility.

Select accessibility from the menu to turn on subtitle on Disney

4. Click on the Captions mode and choose from off, on always, and on replay.

5. Under the Caption preferred language, choose the preferred language and Caption style.

Click on the caption mode from the menu.

6. Other options allow you to select your preferred subtitle language and appearance.

  • Alternatively, go to Content description page >> Options/ Audio & Subtitles >> Select caption >> Click Enable. We also have the option to change the Disney Plus language; this would help us navigate through the website with ease.

Using Roku Remote

1. Go to the Content description tab, and click on the up or down button on the Roku remote.

2. Select the Audio & Subtitles that takes place.

3. Then, you can select the Subtitle from the following.

4. Roku allows you to enable the subtitles during Playback.

These steps will help you to turn on the subtitles on Disney plus Roku by pairing the remote.


How can you control subtitles on Disney Plus?

1. Play the movie or video on your device, and move the mouse pointer over the screen.
2. From the top right corner, click the box icon with lines at the bottom.
3. Now, click on the subtitle option you want from the list on the right side of the screen.
These steps will help you to control the subtitles on Disney Plus.