Many streaming platforms would require VPN services, like Surfshark, to ensure a secure streaming experience. However, Roku does not have the Surfshark VPN service in its official store, and also this app cannot be sideloaded as well. But we have some methods that help us set up Surfshark on our Roku device.

Subscription Plans Available on Surfshark

Surfshark has three types of subscription plans :

  • 1-month plan – $12.95 per month
  • 6-month plan – $6.49 per month
  • 24-month plan – $2.49 per month

You can choose any one of the subscription plans for Surfshark. After selecting the plan, enter the email address. Then, you have to complete the payment process to complete the subscription process.

Possible Methods to Get Surfshark on Roku

Though Surfshark is unavailable on your Roku channel store, we still have other alternative methods to get the application on your Roku device.

Solution 1: Connect your Router to a VPN

Connecting your router with a VPN by default makes the process simpler. So, if you wish to check if your router has a built-in VPN, check the manufacturer’s website or the user manual. Unfortunately, if your router does not include this feature, you can proceed with the following process.

  • Buy a VPN – compatible router.
  • Install a new firmware (DD-WRT or Tomato) that flashes a VPN.
  • Having a VPN is useful and lets you surf more securely.

How to Set Up Surfshark VPN on ASUSWRT Router

1. First, you must download the server configuration files.

2. On your PC, go to Surfshark’s official website on your default web browser.

3. Open and login into your account with the associated credentials.

Surfshark VPN

4. Pass to the left-hand side and select the Manual setup tab from the menu.

Surfshark VPN  manual set up

5. Click on the locations from the present page.

Surfshark VPN  locations

6. Then, the list appears with various VPN servers available.

7. To select a different location, you can use the search bar to find it.

Surfshark VPN  search bar

8. You can also scroll down to select the Server you want.

Surfshark VPN  server

9. From the pop-up menu, you can select the Protocol to download.

Surfshark VPN  download file

10. Open VPN UDP or TCP you need.

11. If you face any issues with them, change the protocol you have chosen and try again with the same process until the VPN works for you.

How to Connect Router to Surfshark VPN

1. Click on the control key + T key together.

2. By doing so, a new tab will open on your web browser.

3. Or, simply click on the Plus icon to open a new tab on your browser.

plus icon

4. Now, you have to log in to the control panel of your router.

5. For logging in, you can also use a default gateway address in the URL bar.

Note: These are the popular gateway address,

mac address

6. Now, a login prompt will appear. But, if you have not configured your router before then, the credential would be an admin for both username and password.

sign in

7. If the credentials do not work for you, check on the back side of the router to get the default credentials.

8. By doing so, you will be logged in to the Control Panel.

9. On the Left-hand panel, locate and click on the VPN tab.

10. Go to the VPN Client option under the VPN tab.

add profile for Surfshark VPN

11. Now, you will be able to see Add profile option at the bottom of the screen.

12. Click on it, and choose the Open VPN tab to provide the Description, Username, and Password.

paste the details

13. Next, you will have to include a configuration file on the server you wish to connect your device.

14. Select Choose File option, and locate the configuration file.

15. Choose the directory from the available list and click on the Open option.

select files for Surfshark VPN

16. Now, click on the Upload option, and wait until you see a confirmation of the completion.

17. Click on Ok, and ensure that the Import the CA file or edit the .ovpn file manually option should be unchecked.

ok option

18. Finally, you can see the new connection is set up, and you can proceed further by clicking on Activate option.

activate for Surfshark VPN

19. By doing so, the router will be connected to the Surfshark server.

20. When your router connection is successful, a blue check mark will appear on the Connection Status column.

Solution 2: Set up a Virtual Router with a VPN

To set up a virtual router, you need a windows 10 laptop to get Surfshark on Roku.

Modify the Network Adapters

1. Right-click on the WiFi icon available on the Windows toolbar and click on the Open Network & Internet Settings option.

Surfshark VPN  network and settings

2. If you are connected to the WiFi, navigate to the WiFi tab.

3. Or, go to the Ethernet option if you have used them for an internet connection.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the Change adapter option.

5. A window with all network adapters installed will open up.

Connect the internet wi-fi and move to the wi-fi tab.

3. Then, choose Ethernet if you are connected to it.

4. Now, scroll down to the settings and choose the change adapter options.

change adapter option

5. You can see a window with all the available Networks on your device.

networks to connect Surfshark VPN

6. Select the adopter which allows you to connect to the WiFi.

Enable the Mobile Hotspot

1. Move to the network icon and open it on your device.

2. Select the Open Network & Internet settings from the drop-down list.

open network & internet settings

3. Then, navigate to the Mobile hotspot.

mobile hotspot Surfshark VPN

4. Now, you have to enable the mobile hotspot.

5. Enter the appropriate username and password to connect to the mobile network.

6. You can also set your name and password with the help of Edit.

edit option for Surfshark VPN

Configure the VPN adapter

1. You can see all the networks available to connect to the WiFi; from the menu, select the Surfshark network.

2. Move to the properties menu from the following.


3. Then, click on the Sharing option and select the “Allow other network users…” option


4. You can choose a new hotspot adapter from the dropdown menu and click OK.

4. Connect the VPN

1. First, launch the Surfshark app and log in to the app.

2. Go to the settings menu.

3. Then, move to the advanced option given.

4. Click on the protocol and change the default protocol to open VPN (UDP)

5. Finally, connect your location.

Solution – C: How to Connect VPN with DNS

1. Turn on your device and visit the Surfshark website.

2. Log in to your account and tap on the Devices option.


3. Scroll down and press the Activate button from the Smart DNS section.

smart DNS

4. This will verify your IP address; once it matches the IP address, click the Activate button.

5. After this process, waits for a few seconds for the DNS to activate.

6. Refresh the page if the status shows “pending” for a long time.

7. Then, that switches to the Active state.

8. Now, turn on your Router and log in using its credentials.

9. Copy the DNS address to your Router.

10. Finally, turn on your Roku device and connect the Router and start using the Surfshark VPN.

How to Connect Roku to your Router

1. Move to the settings from the Roku home page.

move to settings option on your device

2. Then, select the network option from the menu.

select the system option to connect the surfshark

3. Click on the setup connection.

Select the wireless option from the menu.

4. Press the wireless option on the screen.

5. Now, search and connect to the Surfshark-protected WiFi network and connect it.