The circle or The circle US is an American reality show based on a British show of the same name. This Studio Lambert produced show is been airing for 4 Seasons from January of 2020. The Circle is an interesting take on a reality show. In this show, the contestants are to live as neighbors but only talk through Social Media. Now, this is why this show is getting all its fanbase. In the age of Social media, our Roku users are interested in how things would work out. This interesting take on a reality show got many users intrigued that how can they watch The Circle on Roku.

The Circle on Roku

As you must have already guessed from the picture this is a Netflix exclusive show. Although this isn’t the only version you can see. In fact the OG UK version, the Brazillian version as well as the French version. But as mentioned earlier If you want to see The Circle on Roku TV you can watch it on Netflix only. But fret not in this article we have a detailed guideline on how you can do that.

A brief overview of the series The Circle

Down below is a quick overview of The Circle series

Season Episodes

The series completed the 4th season of the show quite recently. Which started on the 14th of April. If you are worried about whether there will another season of this madness or not. There will be one indeed. Last year in August 2021 the show was slated for a contract renewal of 2 seasons that is seasons 4&5. That means that season 5 of The Circle reality show is on its way.

Watching The Circle on Roku by Adding Netflix

This show is broadcasted on Netflix so you have to add Netflix to Roku. You also need to have an account or will have to make an account. We will talk about this in the later parts of the article. For now, in some of the newer models, this is rather a simple task. This is because the newer Roku remote comes with a built-in Netflix button as shown below. So all you have to do is click on it and viola you can access the Channel. For others, we have some more methods for the unsupported Roku devices.

Press the Netflix button

But before we do that we would like intimate our readers that Netflix is not a free channel. You will have to buy a subscription fee to access its content. In addition to that, you will also get a 30-day free trial. Although you still have to pay at least $9.99. Which is the basic plan. If you want to explore more regarding this you can go to the Netflix website at

How to Add Netflix on Roku Using the Roku Channel store

For the unsupported Roku devices, you can directly add them from your Roku channel store. Follow the steps mentioned below to add the channel

[1] You will have to first turn on your Roku device and go to the home screen by pressing the Home button on the Roku remote.

[2] On the left pane, you will see a list of options. From there, select Streaming Channels.

Adding Netflix on Roku

[3] Next, select the Search Channel option. You can see the virtual keyboard displayed on the screen. Use that virtual keyboard to enter Netflix using your Roku TV remote and search for the app.

Adding Netflix on Roku

[4] Once you have done that you will see Netflix on the suggestions click on that. When you do that you will be taken to the Channel page of Netflix. You will now have to click on the Add channel option.

By following all these steps the channel will start downloading and installing itself. In the end, you will be prompted with a confirmation that the channel has been added. After adding the Netflix channel, select the OK button from the prompt.

How to Add Netflix on Roku from the Web

With the steps below, you can easily add the Netflix app to Roku without any hassle. Also, you can follow the steps below to do the same.

[1] In this method, you will first have to visit the Roku channel store.

[2] Click on the Sign In button from the upper right corner and sign in with your Roku ID credentials.

[3] Once you are logged in with the help of the search box, search Netflix.

Adding Netflix Channel

[4] Once selecting the search result you will be taken to the Channel store webpage of Roku. From there, click on the Add Channel button.

Adding Netflix on Roku by using Websites

After you are done with the steps above, turn on your Roku device-connected TV and connect to an internet connection. Then, automatically, the Netflix channel will add to your Roku device.

How to Use Netflix to Watch The Circle on Roku

With the steps below, you can watch the Circle reality show on the Netflix platform.

[1] Go to the home screen and select the Right Arrow button on your Roku remote. You will now have to navigate through the list to select Netflix and launch it.

[2] The next step is to Sign in to your account. You can either log in if you have an account. If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can create an account. Also, you will get a 30-day free trial upon subscribing to the Netflix platform for the first time.

Using Netflix to watch The Circle on Roku

[3] After signing in to your account, you can search for The Circle reality show to watch it.


1. Can you watch the Circle on Amazon Prime?

No, unfortunately, this show is a Netflix Exclusive show so you can only stream it on Netflix.

2. Where to watch The Circle on Roku?

You can use the Netflix platform to watch The Circle on Roku.

3. What are the popular web series to watch on Roku?

Some of the popular web series on Roku are Night Sky, Love, Death & Robots, etc.