The Crown is a historical drama web series produced for Netflix. I guess that you all know about Queen Elizabeth II. She is the current reigning queen of the United Kingdom and, The Crown is the series describing the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can watch The Crown web series. There are a total of four seasons available for Netflix users. Due to the success, The Crown web series was renewed for a sixth season with the fifth season in production. The fifth season is scheduled for November 2022 release. And, you can only watch this web series on the streaming service Netflix. With the Netflix application available for your Roku device, you can watch The Crown web series on your Roku TV.

Netflix Subscription

There are three subscription plans offered by Netflix. They are:

1. Basic – With $8.99/month, you can get access to Netflix and watch all the content in 480p.

2. Standard – You can subscribe for $13.99/month and access all the contents in 1080p.

3. Premium – If you want to watch all the available movies or TV shows in 4K quality, you can choose this package for $17.99/month.

You can visit the official website of Netflix to buy any one subscription plan of your choice.

How to Watch The Crown On Roku?

1. Setup your Roku device and connect to an internet connection.

2. Select the Streaming Channels from the home screen.

Select Streaming Channels.

3. Then, select the Search Channels.

Select Search Channels.

4. Search for the Netflix app.

5. Choose the Netflix application from the search result.

6. Now, select Add Channel to install Netflix.

7. After installation, open the application and log in to your account.

8. Search for The Crown web series to watch on your Roku TV.

Add Netflix on Roku using PC

1. Visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

2. Sign in to your Roku account.

3. Navigate to the Search Bar located on the upper right side of your interface.

4. Search for the Netflix app.

5. Choose the same application from the search result.

6. Select Add Channel to install the Netflix application on your Roku device.

Select Add Channels to add Netflix and watch the Crown on Roku.

How to Screen Mirror The Crown On Roku?

If you are using the Netflix app on your smartphone, you can screen mirror your Android to watch The Crown on your TV. To Screen mirror, follow the steps below:

1. Select Settings from the home screen.

Select Settings.

2. Then, select System from the Settings.

3. Now, Choose Screen Mirroring.

Select Screen Mirroring.

4. Three options will display on the screen. Select Prompt or Allways allow to mirror your Smartphone to your Roku TV.

5. Connect your Android smartphone and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.

6. Install the Netflix application from the Google Play Store.

7. Tap on Cast/Screen Mirroring/Smart Mirroring. This option varies from device to device.

8. Select your Roku device from the list of available devices.

9. Now, open the Netflix application and log in to your account.

10. Click on the Search icon from the upper right corner.

11. Search for The Crown.

12. Choose The Crown web series from the search result.

13. Now, you can choose any episode to watch, The Crown on Roku.

You can learn about the story of Queen Elizabeth II by watching The Crown web series. It will always be interesting to learn about one of the powerful persons in the world. You can do the same by adding the Netflix application to your Roku device. So, enjoy watching The Crown web series on your Roku by following the above steps in this article.