Netflix, the leading OTT channel in the US, always surprises us with its unique features. Adding old blockbuster movies to exceptional documentaries in the Netflix download library is one of them.

Throughout the month, we are all eagerly waiting for some unique Netflix movies. From old classics to new releases, Netflix combines all. This September, Netflix brings a lovely combination of comedy, documentaries, kids special, action, thriller, romantic, and other genres.

Watching Netflix offline has become a necessity nowadays. Netflix movie downloader will help you with this. We will discuss how you can download Netflix movies using the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader and use them for offline watch.

“Letters to Juliet”, a romantic-comedy movie from 2010, is showing on Netflix from September 1st, 2021. We will give some information about this movie here. Keep on reading, and you will get an idea about how you can download this movie to watch offline.

Letters to Juliet (2010), Released on September 1st, 2021, On Netflix

Letters to Juliet


Gary Winick


Jose Rivera

Tim Sullivan


Amanda Seyfried

Gael García Bernal

Vanessa Redgrave


The plot of this movie is a sweet love story with a pinch of humor. The story starts with Sophie and her fiance, Victor’s visit to Verona, the famous city of Italy, from Shakespeare’s well-known love story, Romeo and Juliette. Victor, a chef by profession, spending his time there in research work for his upcoming restaurant and is not at all moved by the serenity of the city or romance of Sophie.

Sophie starts to explore Verona. She visited a wall where thousands of letters were written to Juliet, the tragic heroine of Romeo and Juliette. There, Sophie found an unanswered letter written by Claire Smith from 1957. She answered that letter immediately, and within a week, the elderly Claire arrived in Verona accompanied by her handsome grandson Charlie Wyman, a barrister by profession. Claire and Sophie liked each other very much, but Charlie and Sophie had some differences in their opinion.

Claire decided to come to Verona after reading Sophie’s reply. She wanted to search for Lorenzo Bartolini, her past love in Verona. Sophie is interested in making her career as a writer, and the story of Claire moved her very much. She thought that this story would help her grow up as a writer, and her keen interest in this story will also help Claire get back her long-lost love.

The duo started to search for Lorenzo Bartolini and found many people living in that area with the same name. After a long search, they found that the real Lorenzo was dead. Claire got very depressed after knowing this truth, and Charlie blamed Sophie for his grandmother’s sadness. When Claire realized that Charlie was blaming Sophie for her depression, she told Charlie that he was not right and insisted on apologizing to Sophie.

Charlie apologized to Sophie at breakfast, and that same day after dinner, while they were talking about love, Sophie told him that she still believes Lorenzo is alive. Charlie and Sophie came close to each other at that moment.

They decided to search for Lorenzo for another day, and on the last day of searching, Claire found a young man exactly looking like Lorenzo while visiting a vineyard. He is the grandson of Lorenzo Bartolini. Claire and the elder Lorenzo met again.

After this reunion, Sophie wants to move back to Verona. On Claire’s demand, Charlie tries to pursue Sophie, but he sees Sophie with Victor there.

Coming back to New York, Sophie broke up with Victor due to the lack of passion and conflicts in opinion. Again, to attend Claire and Lorenzo’s wedding, Sophie returned to Verona. She gets depressed there seeing Charlie with another woman. When Charlie asked her reason, she expressed her love to him but insisted that he go back to his girlfriend. Charlie told Sophie that the woman was not his girlfriend but his cousin and revealed he loved Sophie.

Our Opinion

Uncomplicated and sweet love stories make us happy, and a soothing feeling stays within us for a long time after watching this type of movie. This movie is a must-watch for this pleasant feeling.

How can we watch Netflix movies offline?

We can download movies using Netflix movie downloader and watch them when we are out of network. On our iOS and Android devices, downloading Netflix movies is very easy.

  1. Install the Netflix app on your device.
  1. Sign in to access.
  1. For the quality of the content, Netflix has two features available, standard and higher. Less space and time are required for the standard quality download, and higher quality requires more space and time. Go to ‘App Settings’ to select the downloading quality.
  1. Go to the “Movies” icon to go inside the movie section.
  1. Browse for the movie you want to download.
  1. Tap on the download arrow available below the movie name. You cannot download the movie if there is no download arrow. Netflix does not allow you to download all its content.
  1. You will get downloaded movies on the “My Downloads” section.
  1. Now, your favorite movie is available to watch offline.

Limitations that You May Face While Using Netflix Download Facility

  1. Downloaded videos cannot be shared with others.
  2. There is an expiry date for all the downloaded videos, and they will be deleted automatically after the expiry date.
  3. Picture quality will always not be the same as live streaming.
  4. Lengthy buffering time may disturb you.

The Y2Mate online & desktop video downloader came to us as the solution to all these limitations.

Y2Mate Downloader Software; Online & Desktop

Netflix Downloader

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Y2Mate Netflix Downloader; One-Stop Solution for Your Netflix Download

Netflix Downloader

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is designed explicitly for you, looking at the limitations of the Netflix app. Some of the features of the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader are really appreciable. Region-specific content downloading, batch downloading facility, ad-free videos, etc., are coming among those. We are discussing some significant features of the Y2Mate Downloader below in detail.

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You can save the metadata such as the title of the show or movie, cast, etc.

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  4. Sharing Facility: No restrictions are there for sharing the downloaded videos with other users or devices.

Installation of Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Let’s Install the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader. Follow the steps explained below.

Step 1 – Open the official website of the Y2Mate Downloader. You need to browse Y2Mate Netflix Downloader from the “Streaming Solutions” tab from the menu and install the setup on your device.

Netflix Downloader - Y2mate Downloader

Step 2 – After launching the app, go to the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.

Netflix Downloader

Step 3 – Select your favorite movie that you want to download on your device.

Y2mate Downloader

Step 4 – Login to your personal profile on Netflix.

Step 5 – Customize your preferred language for subtitles.

Choose Language

Step 6 – Tap on the movie for download. As the movie starts to play, the Downloader begins downloading it automatically in the background.

Information on Subscription

Audio conversion is free. You just need to follow the instructions of the software to convert the audio.

For the monthly plan, you need to pay $9.9. The yearly plan will cost $99.

There is a free version available also with limited features.
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The Netflix library is the accumulation of all types of movies, and it entertains people from all age groups. It is extra beneficial for us to download our favorite movies or shows on our devices and share them with others. The Y2mate Downloader software provides us with the facility of Netflix download, and the process is very smooth and simple. Please visit their website and clear your doubts.