WWE Network is a very popular American Professional Wrestling streaming platform. The service lets you watch all the WWE content on-demand as well as live. Most of the WWE Network programs include on-ring events, pay-per-view events, original series, and documentaries. The WWE Network was launched in 2014 in the US, and further spread its wings to the international market. However, from March 18, 2021, all the WWE Network’s distribution rights go to Peacock TV from NBC. The American WWE Network ceases to exist on April 4th, 2021. Here are the ways to stream WWE Network on Roku.


Peacock on Roku

Peacock is a new American media streaming platform with lots of channels streaming in it. the Peacock is owned by NBC Universal and was launched in July 2020. Peacock’s subscription plan has three tiers: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus.

  • The Free tier has some of the contents from the paid tiers and is ad-based.
  • Peacock Premium plan is an ad-based plan as well. Unlike the free trial, Premium tier users get access to the whole library of contents.
  • However, in both the ad-supported tiers, ads show up only five minutes per hour.
  • The Peacock Premium Plus gives ad-less access to the whole library of contents.  

Step1: Firstly, using the Home button on your remote, go to the home screen.

Step2: Secondly, navigate to the Streaming Channels section on the side-bar.

Step3: Go to the Search Channels option. Here search for Peacock channel.

Step4: Next, press on the OK button to see channel overview.


Step5: Finally, choose the Add Channel option.

Now, you have added the Peacock channel to your Roku device. After adding the app, sign in with your credentials and start streaming WWE on your TV.

WWE Network on Roku with Peacock

All the contents on the WWE Network will be transferred to Peacock on April 4, 2021. However, till then Peacock will have only the following contents

  • The pay-per-view contents of the whole last year
  • NXT matches, a day later than the TV broadcast
  • RAW and SmackDown matches 30 days later than TV broadcast
  • Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions
  • WWE Chronicles and WWE Icons
  • Wrestlemanias
  • Some documentaries

The shows from the WWE Network are to be shown on the Peacock on a subscription basis only. However, some shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas can be watched without a subscription.

Peacock will have a branded channel with the WWE Network to stream the contents. Some of the popular shows on the WWE Network include The Edge and Christian Show, Camp WWE, WWE Story Time, This Week in WWE, WWE Ride Along, and WWE Raw Talk. With Peacock on your Roku, enjoy all these shows and much more on-demand content.