The Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network, popularly known as the YES Network is an American regional sports network. It serves regions like New York, New York City, and surrounding metropolitan areas. Apart from sports, it streams magazines, documentaries, and discussions. YES Network is owned by companies like Yankee Global Enterprises, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Amazon, The Blackstone Group, and Red Bird Capital. If you are a Roku user and looking to stream YES Network on Roku, then here are the different ways to stream.

YES Network

YES Network on Roku

The YES Network Channel doesn’t have an official app on Roku to download. So we have to use other service providers that have the YES Network among their list. AT&T TV has YES Network streaming in their channels. Now, let’s understand more about AT&T TV and how to get it on Roku.   

YES Network


AT&T TV is an American multi television channel streaming platform through the internet. It streams the YES Network channel along with channels like CNN, CBS FOX, NBC, ESPN, and TNT. Other than Roku, AT&T TV is on other devices like Android phones, iOS devices, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. The AT&T TV gives you permission to use the same account from three different devices simultaneously. Furthermore, AT&T TV gives you access to 500 hours of DVR to record shows to watch later.


How to Watch YES Network on Roku with AT&T TV?

Now let’s discuss how to install AT&T TV on Roku. Before starting make sure you have the following things ready

  • TV connected with Roku device
  • Strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Roku remote or mobile app
  • Roku account
  • AT&T TV account with $84.99 Choice subscription

Follow these steps to install and Access AT&T TV on Roku

1. Firstly, using the ‘Home’ button on your remote, go to the ‘Home’.

2. Secondly, navigate to the ‘Streaming Channels’ section on the side-bar on your screen.

Streaming channels

3. Here, go to the ‘Search Channels’ option and search for ‘AT&T TV’.


4. Next, press on the ‘OK’ button to see channel overview.

5. Here choose the ‘Buy’ option and install AT&T TV on Roku device.

6. Now, Sign in with your credentials into your AT&T TV account.

7. Now, on the search bar, type ‘YES Network’

Now, you can access the YES Network channel on your Roku device with AT&T TV on Roku.

YES Network is one of the best platforms for sports in America. Even though the mainstreaming of the YES Network is Sports, it streams documentaries, magazines, and expert discussions. The YES Network is available on AT&T TV download. GET subscribes with AT&T TV with an $84.99 Choice subscription and stream Yankees on Roku.