Are you looking for the best platform to do your homework? Why are you wasting your time? You already have YouTube. On YouTube, you can find a lot of channels that offer educational content. But you will definitely find difficulties in picking a channel to do your homework. No worries because we have shortlisted the best YouTube channels to do your homework for you. Moreover, if you are a Roku user, you can easily install the YouTube app and access the best YouTube channels that help you to do homework.

7 Best YouTube Channels on Roku That Helps you Do Homework

For most young people today, education doesn’t start or end in schools. It’s all around them. Our gadget offers limitless access to information, books, and educational resources that we can use later for our academic advantages and personal lives. However, it’s hard to stay focused on educational content when the online world offers so many other areas of entertainment. Besides, finding what’s really worth the time is also a challenge these days. The digital realm is like an ocean of information where diamonds are hidden deep under the water. So, to make your life a little bit easier, here are the top seven YouTube channels to help you deal with school and homework. See how many you know already!


Of course, we should start with the Ted-Ed channel. Who doesn’t know about TedTalks these days? The idea behind Ted-Ed is simple. The channel publishes short, entertaining, and educational videos on various topics within several categories like history, philosophy, business, mathematics, and more. These videos deliver short pieces of information presented via beautiful visual art.

Sure, this channel alone is not enough to learn about complex topics in great detail. Yet, it’s enough to inspire students to seek additional information, diversify their interests, and encourage them to learn a variety of subjects.

Crash Course

The fathers of YouTube, Hank and John Green (famous vloggers) started the Crash Course channel a decade ago. It has grown rather quickly, making it one of the most popular educational channels. It works similarly to Ted-Ed. However, Crash Course has been very methodical with its subjects and topic choices. It started with several disciplines in precise science and history. However, it now also releases videos on psychology, philosophy, and other social science.

The delivery here is fun and simple. A mix of humor, art, and historic images makes it easy to comprehend and memorize new information. Besides, the videos actually deliver accurate courses on certain disciplines and topics, making learning with this YouTube channel quite fulfilling.

The School of Life

It may not exactly be the most academic channel of all. Yet, the benefits of watching this channel’s videos are undeniable. Indeed, this school aims to prepare people for adulthood and life in all its complexity, diversity, and difficulty. The main focus of the channel resides in philosophy and psychology. Most content is focused on explaining human interactions, childhood traumas, social behavior, and main philosophical theories.

Learning with the School of Life will give students quite an advantage regarding coping with academic stress and anxiety, just as in finding their true selves and place in the world. Plus, it will help students with their philosophy assignments, making the subject more comprehensive and relatable.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is similar to traditional online classes. However, the channel was established in 2006, making it one of the oldest educational YouTube channels ever. Its popularity is easy to explain. Khan Academy delivers important, well-executed online lessons that mimic the traditional school setting. Hence, we have a lecturer, main topic, discussions, and even exercises that viewers may try at home.

The channel covers many topics, though preferring precise science like physics, math, computer science, and economics. Here, students can find information to help them do homework or prepare for exams. Moreover, it can be used as free tutoring lessons on subjects you’ve missed at school. Otherwise, you can also go to and order assignments you struggle with by yourself.

Big Think

Big Think is more than a YouTube channel, though. It is definitely where most of its audience comes from. Big Think is a platform that encourages people, well, to think. It’s a source of inspiration, motivation, and, of course, information that you won’t be able to find in such detail anywhere else. The channel’s content is designed to stimulate new ways of thinking, explaining the nuances and complexities of the world around us.

Big Think often has great minds explaining to the audience the truth about our universe and society. For instance, you can find many videos with Neil deGrasse Tyson giving lectures or providing answers about the cosmos.


Anyone interested in astronomy would be happy to find this channel. TheBadAstronomer, as the title suggests, speaks of the cosmos. It is the perfect place to learn about challenging subjects, definitions, and theories. The channel makes it easy to learn and understand basic astronomy. However, it also offers more nuanced topics and breakdowns if you are ready. So, whenever students have an astronomy assignment, TheBadAstronomer would be of great help. 

National Geographic

Of course, National Geographic deserves a place on the list of educational channels. If anything, it has enlightened people for longer than any YouTube channel ever. Fortunately, this famous journal has been successfully adapted to new media. Now, students can learn about the world, history, and recent archeological and other discoveries.

Of course, watching the TV channel or reading magazines to receive full data is best. Still, a channel carries many interesting, though, often short videos that can help young people prepare geographic, history, or biology reports, learn more about the world around us, and seek interesting topics to discuss in class.