Streaming devices are in high demand. There are various options available in the market. However, two devices that have won the hearts of everyone are Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. These devices have gained massive popularity since their launch. They offer you one of the best streaming experiences that you can get. But you can’t buy these two streaming device at the same time. So, to discover which streaming device is best, we have prepared a comparison between Roku VS Amazon Fire Stick.

Multiple reasons have contributed to them being everyone’s favorite. One of which is their affordability. Both these devices provide an optimal quality experience. And as a result, potential buyers find themselves confused as to which one to choose? Which one is better? Which one is worth the investment? We know that you are also one of those potential buyers, and that is why you have clicked on this article. 

Don’t worry; you will have a clear idea of which streaming device you should go for by the end of it. So, sit tight and keep reading to know whether Roku is better or Amazon Fire Stick? 

Before you invest in a streaming device, there is one more thing that you need to invest in so that you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and whatnot without any interruptions, lags, technical issues, or buffering. Said thing is an excellent internet connection. You cannot simply use these devices to their fullest capacity if you don’t have a subscription to a good company. 

Considering that your current internet service provider does not deliver you the kind of speed you are looking for, we recommend you to check out the plans and packages offered by Spectrum. The best part is that this company does not place any data caps on its subscribers, making it ideal for any kind of streaming, be it heavy or light or whether it is for movie shows or gaming. So, before you purchase either Roku or Fire Stick, make sure you have excellent internet at your home. 

Comparison and Difference Between Roku VS Fire Stick TV

With that being said, let’s compare Roku VS Fire Stick in terms of different aspects. 

1. Support

When it comes to pictures and audio support, both devices offer equal efficiency and performance. They ensure support and compatibility with older as well as newer televisions. Overall, the picture quality largely depends on the TV set. Of course, you cannot expect a twenty years old TV to give you 4K ultra HD quality. However, you can expect both devices to provide you compatibility with plenty of picture modes and including HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, H.265, H.264, etc. 

If we look at both of them closely, we can say that Amazon’s audio support might be a bit better. This is because three or four of its models also support Dolby Atmos. But this does not mean that Roku is far behind in the race. In fact, one of the attractive features of Roku is its 4K+ audio mode which allows you private listening so you can connect your headset or earphones with it. 

On the whole, both overall, both devices are equal to each other in terms of support. 

2. Remote Control

When it comes to remote control, we cannot help but declare Roku the winner. Its streaming sticks make the whole act of navigation and selection far simpler and easier as compared to Amazon Fire TV Sticks. 

In addition to this, the remote of Roku also has more buttons and a shortcut button to the leading streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu. On the other hand, only two out of the four Fire Sticks have easy access to OTT platforms buttons on the remote control. 

This is certainly a plus point for Roku.

3. Easy to Use

Again, Roku wins extra points for its incredibly simple usage. It makes the whole navigation process seems like a piece of cake. It does not make you go through multiple clicks of buttons to tune in, as opposed to Fire Stick. You can easily search for your desired content using Roku. It gives you a whole list of viewing options with pricing in detail. You can choose a channel that is cheaper or even free. 

Contrary to this, Fire Stick search results require a whole lot of extra work. It gives you a primary channel, and then you select “more ways to watch” in order to explore the other options. Also, you may stumble upon different other options, but they might also lead to a dead end. 

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4. Streaming Quality

As far as streaming quality is concerned, we cannot help but rave about Fire TV Stick 4K Max. It offers you top-notch sound quality with Dolby Atmos and a zippier connection, which is because of the wider options of Wi-Fi. Also, Amazon Fire Stick supports Wi-Fi 6; this means that you can have a more stable internet connection without any buffering involved. Of course, Spectrum has also got you covered in this department, and the cherry on top is that Fire Stick also provides the added bonus. 

5. Pricing

When it comes to price rates, Amazon Fire TV Stick beats Roku. It is way more affordable than its competitors. Although it is a head-to-head match between the two of them, Fire Stick comes on top in terms of a reasonable price rate. The price range of the Firestick starts from $19.99, whereas the price range of the Roku device starts from $29.99.

6. Voice Control

Roku Voice Control - Roku VS Fire Stick
Firestick voice Control - Roku VS Fire Stick

Here, both the streaming devices offer the Voice Control feature. The Roku TV models like Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra, and other certain models come with the built-in voice control remote that you can use to control your Roku device. In addition, the voice control feature was introduced only for a better user experience. You only need to pair your Roku remote to Roku TV and press the Voice button on your remote to give commands like “launch the Roku Channel.”

When it comes to Firestick, it natively supports the use of voice control. Moreover, your Firestick device supports the use of Alexa. Also, Fire TV Cube is one of the devices that is made specifically to give voice commands, and the device will cost you under $120.

That’s all, guys. We have covered all aspects when comparing Roku VS Fire Stick.

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Final Verdict

You have probably made up your mind by now. If not, let us summarize the comparison and give the final verdict. All those of you who are looking for a device that fits perfectly under the budget and gives you a room to save money should definitely check Amazon Fire Stick. 

However, Roku is a bit more user-friendly, easy to use, easy to get the hang of, and involves fewer hassles. The remote is also better in design and offers easy navigation of buttons, especially when searching for specific OTT platforms, movies, or shows.

So, if you have decided which streaming device you should go for, then don’t miss a single second and go on a shopping trip to have the best watch experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s better, Roku or Firestick?

Firestick and Roku are the top trending streaming devices. But when it comes to affordable price and easy user Interface, Roku is the best.

2. Which streaming device beats the race when Amazon Fire Stick versus Roku Stick are compared?

Absolutely, the Roku device tops in every aspect based on user experience.