Do you want to watch the best-rated series in 2020? Bridgerton is the series that you want to watch. Bridgerton is an American historical drama series produced for Netflix. The series was premiered on Netflix on December 25, 2020. During the initial release, Bridgerton was number one in 76 countries based on the views on Netflix. Critics from all over the world praised every cast member for their performance. Bridgerton revolves around the fictional history of the Bridgerton family residing in London, where there is no racial disturbance. So, you can watch the Bridgerton series on your Roku using the Netflix channel. Of course, you need a Netflix subscription to watch the Bridgerton series. Here are the ways to stream Bridgerton on Roku.

Bridgerton Season Overview

Season 1 – December 25, 2020 – 8 Episodes.

Season 2 – March 25, 2022

With season 2 in production, season 3 and season 4 has already been renewed.

How to Watch Bridgerton On Roku?

The only way to watch the Bridgerton series is by subscribing to Netflix.

Netflix Subscription

Netflix offers three subscription plans to access its platform. They are:

1. Basic – $8.99/month. You can watch all the available content in 480p.

2. Standard – $13.99/month. Get access to all the contents in 1080p.

3. Premium – $17.99/month. Access Netflix in 4k+HDR video quality.

You can choose any of the plans to watch Bridgerton.

Subscribe to Netflix to watch Bridgerton on Roku.

How to Subscribe to Netflix?

1. Open any browser and visit the official website of Netflix.

2. Enter your Email ID on the home page and click on Get Started.

Enter your Email ID.

3. Create an account by entering your Email ID and password.

Enter your Email ID and Password.

4. Choose a plan and click on Next.

Click on Next.

5. Select a Payment Method.

Select a Payment Method.

6. Fill in the details and click on Start Membership to make a transaction.

Click on Start Membership to watch Bridgerton on Roku.

7. After a successful transaction, your account will be activated.

8. You can use your account on the Netflix application or its official website.

How to Install Netflix to Watch Bridgerton?

1. Connect the Roku device to your TV and connect to an internet connection.

2. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

3. Select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels.

4. Then, select Search Channels.

Select Search Channels.

5. Search for Netflix with the Virtual keyboard.

6. Choose the same application from the search result.

7. Select Add Channel to add Netflix to Roku TV.

Add Netflix to watch Bridgerton on Roku.

8. Then, select OK from the prompt.

Alternative Method – Install Netflix On Roku

1. Open a browser on any device.

2. Visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

3. Sign in with your Roku account as same as your Roku device.

4. You can find the Search Bar located in the upper right corner of your screen.

5. Type Netflix and search for it.

6. Choose Netflix from the search result.

7. Select Add Channel.

8. Enter your Roku PIN to verify.

Once your Roku device gets connected to an internet connection, Netflix will be added to your Roku Tv.

How to Watch Bridgerton with Netflix on Roku?

1. Open the Netflix application on your Roku TV.

2. Sign in with your account.

3. Search for Bridgerton.

4. Select the episode you want to watch.

5. Now, you can watch Bridgerton on Roku.

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Bridgerton is the best historical period drama released in 2020. At the time of the release of Bridgerton, it was the most-watched show on Netflix, with a total viewership of 82 million households. So, you can watch this fictional historical drama to entertain. You can get a Netflix subscription and follow the above procedure in this article to watch Bridgerton on Netflix.