El Cartel de los Sapos or El Cartel is a colombian TV series directed by Luis Alberto Restrepo. It is based on the novel with the same name written by Andres Lopez Lopez. This series was aired on Caracol TV on June 4, 2008. This story is about a drug business in Colombia after the death of Pablo Escobar. It consists of two seasons with 57 episodes on Season 1 and 50 episodes on Season 2. You can watch all the El Cartel TV series episodes on the Netflix app, which is available on Roku.

El Cartel tv series on Roku

El Cartel Awards and Nominations

  • Andres Parra is the winner in the Cartagena Film Festival (2009) for Best Actor.
  • Julian Arango is the nominee of Best Actor in the Cartegena Film Festival (2009).
  • Robinson Diaz nominated for Best Actor in the Cartegena Film Festival (2009).
  • Nominee for Seoul International Drama Awards for Best Series Drama.
El Cartel stars for best actor awards

How to Watch El Cartel series on Roku?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install the Netflix app on Roku, directly available on the channel store.

(1) Connect your Roku to the TV using an HDMI port.

(2) Press the Home button using the Roku remote.

Roku home screen

(3) On the Home Screen, scroll down to select the Streaming Channels option.

Streaming channels option on Roku

(4) Navigate to the search bar and enter Netflix using the on-screen keyboard.

Search option on Roku

(5) Select the Netflix channels from the list suggested and select Add channel option.

(6) Once the installation is over, click OK on the pop-up.

(7) Tap on the Go to channel option once the installation is over.

(8) It will launch the Netflix application on your TV.

(9) Login with your credentials or follow the on-screen prompts to complete the sign-up.

Netflix home page on Roku

(10) That’s it. You can search for El Cartel and click on it to play.

Netflix search option on the app

Using this method, you can install Netflix to stream El Cartel on your TV. Since it is a subscription based on-demand streaming platform ensure that you have a valid subscription pack to view all the contents. It starts from just $8.99 per month. If you’re a new user you have an option to try it for free for 30 days. You can cancel it anytime within the first month. El Cartel is one of the most-watched series. You will enjoy streaming it on your TV.