Facetime is a video chatting/calling application developed by Apple. It was available only for Apple-owned (iOS and macOS) devices. There is no way for iOS users to Facetime with Android users, it can only be done between iOS users. All the video calls that are made on Facetime are End to end encrypted so there is no worry about security and privacy. It is also said that all the encrypted calls are not even able to decrypted by Apple. So let’s see how to Facetime on the Roku device in the article below.

Features of Facetime

  • Facetime can able host up to 32 persons simultaneously.
  • It enables you to use emoji, Animoji, sticker while in your Facetime call.
  • Facetime has both video and audio call features over the internet.
  • It uses end to end encryption for secured video calling experience.
  • Video calls can be viewed on both front and rear cameras at a quality of 1080p.

Facetime available device

As said before Facetime is available only for iOS and Mac devices. Also, it is 100% not accessible on any Android or windows or any other OS devices. Apart from that also in Apple devices only the following model can have Facetime access.

  • iOS devices – In only Wi-Fi devices (iPhone 4 or later) and in the cellular devices (iPhone 4s or later).
  • macOS devices –  OS X Lion 10.7 or later

Note: Also check the availability of your Facetime in your locality, because some Middle-Eastern countries (like UAE, etc) have banned VoIP calls.


Before casting anything from your iOS/Mac device to Roku make notes of the following.

  • Connect and Turn on your Roku device
  • Make sure both the Roku device and the casting device are connected to the same WiFi Network.

Mirror Facetime from the iOS device on Roku

[1] Open App store in your iOS device.

[2] Download and install Mirror for Roku by AirbeamTV from the app store.


[3] Open the app and select your Roku device from the list of available devices.

Select your device

[4] It will asked you to open Mirror for Roku channel in your Roku.

[5] If the channel not available in your Roku device then it will prompt your to add channel.

[6] Click on Add channel to add Mirror to Roku on your channel list.

Mirror for Roku channel

[7] After adding the channel open it in your Roku device.

[8] Again tap on your Roku device from the Mirror for Roku app and tap on Allow Notifications.

Alow notification

[9] Tap on Start Mirroring in your iOS device.

Start mirroring

[10] Again click on Start Broadcast.

Start broadcast

[11] Wait until the connection being established.

[12] Now open Facetime app in your device and make the call to your friend/family.


[13] That’s it now you can view the Facetime on your Roku device.

Note: Place the phone in upright position in front of your Roku device for your being visible for your Friend/Family at the other end.

Mirror Facetime from Macbook on your Roku

[1] Open Mac app store in your Mac PC.

[2] Search and install Mirror Mirror for Roku in your Mac device.

Mirror for roku

[3] Once the app is installed it will be added to your top menu bar.

[4] Now open the app in your device.

[5] Select the target devices as your Roku device.

FACETIME ON ROKU - target device

[6] Now if your need to hear audio on your Roku device then check the Enable Sound on TV box.

Enable Sound on TV

[7] It will asked you to install an Audio driver to cast and listen to audio.

[8] Click on Open Website from the pop up.

Open the website - FACETIME ON ROKU

[9] In the website click on Download Audio driver to start downloading.

Download Audio driver

[10] Once the app is downloaded, install the package file (.pkg) in your Mac device.

[11] After installation it will ask you to restart all the media player applications like Quicktime player, VLC, Safari, chrome, etc.

Note: It is better to restart your device completely for better result.

[12] Now check the Enable Sound on TV box.

[13] This time it will ask your to provide access to microphone to access sound from your Mac device.


[14] Click on Authorize and confirm it by clicking Ok in the pop-up screen.


[15] Now check the enable sound on TV box and click on start mirroring.

Start mirroring - FACETIME ON ROKU

[16] Again but this in your Roku device it will ask your to Add Mirror for Roku channel on your Roku device, click on Ok.

Add channel on roku

[17] Click on Add channel and open the channel in your Roku device.

Mirror for roku - roku channel store

[18] Finally click on Start mirroring from your Mac device.

[19] Now Open Facetime and make a call to any of your friends/family.


[20] That’s it now you can view your Facetime call on your Roku device.

Note: There may be a delay for one to three seconds which is totally normal. Also, place your Macbook in front of your TV for you to be visible on the other end.

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As Roku does not have a native app for Facetime in its channel store so we need to mirror it from the available devices. May be in feature Roku may have a native Facetime app through which we can make Video call and chat with our friends and family. If you have any doubts make use of the comment section below. For more Roku articles and updates explore the site.