There are a lot of ways today to keep yourself fit and healthy. One of such ways is dance workouts, and many people widely follow it. Latin dance workout is gaining fame worldwide, and Figure 8 Fitness helps you with the same. Working out to keep yourself fit can usually be a bit tough. However, with, Figure 8 Fitness, you can make yourself fit and flexible in a fun way. Let’s add Figure 8 Fitness on Roku to stream the same.

Figure 8 Fitness

Figure 8 Fitness on Roku

You don’t always need to be a professional to start a fitness program on Figure 8 Fitness. It is very simple and easy, and the programs are for beginners. We have an app called Body FX online fitness app, and we can stream Figure 8 Fitness on Roku. You can stream the app on a variety of other devices.

1. Firstly, turn on your TV and connect the Roku device through the HDMI port.

2. Select the Streaming Channels options from the home screen.

3. Choose the  Streaming Channel option from the Streaming Channels menu.

4. Type Body FX on the search bar using the virtual keyboard.

5. Select the app from the suggestions and get the overview page.

6. Select the  Add Channel button to add the channel to the channel list.

7. Click on the OK button when the download finishes.

8. Open the Body FX  app you just downloaded.

9. Next, Sign In with email ID and password in the space provided.

10. On the homepage of Body FX, select the Figure 8 Fitness video and purchase it.

Body FX

11. Choose the  Start Watching button to start streaming it on Roku.

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Subscription plans of Body FX

This fitness-enhancing app has two different plans on it. The subscription is only for the Body FX app, and you can always unsubscribe to it. Figure 8 Fitness is a subscription-free service.

  • Body FX Yearly Pack at $134.99
  • Monthly Pack of $15.99

Wrapping Up

If you want to keep yourself fit, you should download Figure 8 Fitness on Roku. The app can provide your video sessions, including coaching, workout, and fitness guides. There are over 14 such video sections on Figure 8 Fitness. Furthermore, create a favorites list and add your favorite videos to it to make streaming easier. Apart from all the above features, you can get suggestions on nutrition as well.