Roku is a popular streaming service with a huge number of active users that offers multiple languages for people from a different regions. It offers content for most people worldwide in various languages like French, Japanese, Russian, and more. Below listed are some of the popular French channels,

France 24Roku Channel Store★★★★☆
Learn FrenchRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
France TVRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
TV5MOBDEplusRoku Channel Store☆☆☆☆☆ Francais francias French channels on Roku Francais is an exclusive channel for kids of all age categories, including entertainment and educational programs like music, stories, and more in the French language. This also provides shows and movies for native French people that you can watch with family. Francais is a kid-based channel available on Roku devices for completely free of cost.


France 24

The France 24 channel is a french state-owned international news television based out of Paris. So, it updates all breaking news and world news related to business, sports culture, and more. Though being a French state-owned international new television, it is also available in other languages like Spanish and Arabic. Moreover, you can also watch other on-demand contents that are available on the channel. So, this channel gives the users a fusion of entertainment and updates on internet affairs to its native users.

Learn French

Learn French

Learn French is one of the best French channels on Roku. In these channels, you can access more videos on various categories that will help you to gain knowledge of the French language. In addition, this channel guides you to learn the language faster with grammar, vocabulary, and Phrases, along with appropriate pronunciation. Get this channel free without delay and start learning the French language on Roku.

France TV

France TV

This is an Entertainment channel with a media player that provides you with various French TV channels that are user-friendly. The France TV channel offers a decent collection of channels, with better video quality as well. Moreover, this channel provides live channels that are available 24/7. It would also be a great platform for people who wish to learn the French language by utilizing the subtitles option provided on the channel.


TV5MOBDEplus French channels on Roku

The TV5MONDplus channel offers content in various categories, including movies, series, documentaries, reports, podcasts, and more. Most importantly, the programs on this platform are available in 5 different languages like French, Spanish, Arabic, English, and German. In addition, on this channel, you get access to other features that are tailored recommendations and multi-screen resumed playback.


Does France 24 broadcast in English?

France 24 is a french state-owned international news television network based on pairs. Its channels broadcast in French, English, Arabic, and Spanish.