Roku offers access to multiple channels in different languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and more. Moreover, it is the simplest method for users to access their native channels in their regional language. Some of the popular Japanese channels available on Roku are listed below.

List of Japanese Channels on Roku

NHK World JapanRoku Channel Store★★★★★
CrunchyrollRoku Channel Store ★★★★★
Toronto Japanese Film festivalRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
Dlibrary JapanRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
Learn JapaneseRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆
Japan Food TVRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆

NHK World Japan

NHK World Japan, Japanese channels on Roku.

The NKH World Japan is a Japanese channel available on your Roku store that lets users get updated on the latest news around Japan and Asia. Moreover, it is the only option for the Japanese people to check on their native news or enjoy other popular programs in their region. It also offers a vast library of on-demand content, making this channel unique and a go-to place to be in connection with their homeland affairs.


Crunchyroll Japanese channels on Roku

Crunchyroll is a popular anime-based channel offering over 1300+ free anime. It is said to be an internet sensation providing users with a huge library of Anime classics and titles in trend. Most importantly, the users can utilize the 14-day free trial option to check on the content collection before paying for the subscription. The Ad-free tier would cost $7.99 per month, offering extra benefits like access to digital manga or discounts on their web store.

Toronto Japanese Film Festival

Japanese channels Toronto Japanese film festival on Roku

The Toronto Japanese Film festival (TJFF) channels provide access to the best Japanese arthouse gem that grace the Toronto Japanese Film festival on your Roku device. The movies that are available on the channel are the ones that have been critically acclaimed by Japanese audiences & Critics. In addition, most movies on this platform are recognized for excellence by the International film festival supporters and the Japanese Film Academy.

Dlibrary Japan

Dlibrary Japan

Dlibrary Japan provides entertaining and on-demand subscription services with various Japanese Programs. So, by getting this channel on your Roku device, you can enjoy watching popular movies, dramas, live shows, kids’ programs, anime, and documentaries in Japanese, but they do provide English subtitles as well. Now, this channel would be of great help to people who wish to learn the Japanese language as well.

Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese channels on Roku

If you are keen on learning the Japanese language by yourself, then the Learn Japanese channel on Roku would be the apt place for you. So, this channel would mainly help people learn the basic levels of Japanese vocabulary. Using this channel, you can learn the international Phonetic Hiramga within minutes. Moreover, they also provide videos for tips and tricks and also the basic Japanese Alphabet as well. Surprisingly, this channel is free, so you can use this app and improve your Japanese language.

Japan Food TV

Japan Food TV on Roku channel store

Japan Food is a cooking channel that provides video recipes for enduring Japanese eateries, dishes infusing classic dishes, and rich sushi bars with international flavors. This helps you to learn to cook different varieties of mouth-watering Japanese dishes that will tempt the viewers. Get this app on your Roku for free from the Roku channel store and enjoy trying out the food that tempts you.


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