If you are looking for a sports and entertainment-focused streaming service, you can opt for fuboTV. The fuboTV channel is officially available on Roku and you can download it from the Roku Channel Store. As fuboTV is a geo-restricted service, it can’t be accessed outside the US.

fuboTV carries nearly 150+ live TV channels in various categories, such as sports, movies, news, music, lifestyle, and more. The streaming service is bundled with multiple features that stand out as unique from other popular live TV streaming services.

In this article, we will guide you to install and activate fuboTV from scratch on your Roku device. If you are a newbie, refer to the steps to sign up for fuboTV on the streaming device and get into the installation. We have briefed the troubleshooting steps, which are necessary to fix if the fuboTV stops working on your Roku TV.

How to Get fuboTV Channel on Roku

To access the content on fuboTV, you need to create an account and subscribe to the premium plan. Currently, fuboTV offers four subscription plans, starting at $74.99/month

1. Turn on and connect your Roku TV to WiFi.

2. Go to the Roku home screen and select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channels

3. Next, navigate to the Search Channels on Roku.

Select Search Channels - fuboTV on Roku

4. After that, use the virtual keyboard to enter and search for fuboTV.

5. Pick the fuboTV tile from the search results.

6. From the channel info page, hit the Add Channel button.

7. Once the adding process is complete, select the OK button from the prompt.

8. To launch the channel, hit the Go to Channel button.

How to Activate fuboTV on Roku

If you are an existing user of fuboTV, you can sign in to stream the content.

1. Launch the fuboTV app on your streaming device.

2. Select the Sign In button and you get two options, Sign In With a Code and Sign In With Email.

Sign in fuboTV

3. By choosing Sign In With Email, you can log in with the account credentials.

4. In the case of choosing Sign In With a Code, the activation code is displayed on the screen.

5. Next, open a web browser and input the activation webpage of fuboTV.

6. Sign in with your fuboTV account and input the activation code on the required field.

7. After that, hit the Submit button.

Activate fuboTV on Roku

8. Now, you can find the fuboTV app activated on Roku.

After this process, you now only have to go back to the fuboTV app and stream your favorite live TV channels.

How to Sign Up for fuboTV on Roku

You can sign up for fuboTV and make the payment directly using your Roku account.

1. Launch the fuboTV channel and select Start Free Trial.

fuboTV home page

2. Select Continue to sign up using your Roku account.

3. Type the email address, set the password, and most importantly enter the ZIP Code. Select Create Account.

4. Choose the desired subscription plan. You can view the plans individually by navigating using the remote buttons.

5. Tap OK on the Roku remote to select the subscription.

6. Type in your Roku PIN using the virtual keyboard, and select Start Subscription.

fuboTV subscription on Roku

Once done, you can start setting up your profile on fuboTV.

How to Cancel My Subscription with fuboTV on Roku

If you have purchased the subscription using your Roku account, you cancel it right away on the Roku device.

1. Go to the Roku home screen.

2. Next, hit the Right button on your remote.

3. After that, scroll down and select the fuboTV tile.

4. Press the Asterisk button on your remote and choose the Manage your Subscription tab.

Press the Asterisk button

5. After that, choose the Cancel Subscription option.

6. Confirm the selection if required and cancel your fuboTV subscription on Roku.

How to Fix fuboTV Not Working on Roku

The following troubleshooting methods will help you fix the fuboTV not working issue on Roku:

1. Check the Internet Speed – If the content buffers or loads for a long time, check the Internet speed. If it is low, consider connecting Roku to new WiFi or restart the router and try again.

2. Restart fuboTV – Try restarting the fuboTV channel if it freezes frequently on your TV.

3. Check your Subscription Plan – Make sure that you have a valid subscription to the fuboTV. If in case your fuboTV subscription is expired, you can’t access the content on the fuboTV app.

4. Restart Roku – There may be some errors on your Roku, and that’s why you can’t open the fuboTV app. But it can be easily cleared by restricting your Roku.

5. Clear the cache on Roku – The cache stored on your Roku may have caused the fuboTV app to freeze or not load the content. But this issue can be easily fixed by clearing the cache on Roku.

6. Uninstall and reinstall fuboTV – Sometimes, there can be bugs in the fuboTV app, and that’s why it is not opening up. However, this issue can be resolved easily by installing and reinstalling the fuboTV app.

7. Upgrade Roku – If your Roku device isn’t compatible with the channel’s version, try updating your Roku device to the latest firmware.


How much is the fuboTV on Roku?

fuboTV is free to install and has no specific price. You need to purchase the subscription plan to use the streaming service.

Does fuboTV offer a free trial?

Yes. fuboTV offers a 7-day free trial only to new users and can be canceled anytime.