GolfPass is an American sports streaming network from NBCUniversal. GolfPass is a subscription-based membership for golf lovers. This membership is from the NBC Sports Group. It can help you develop your knowledge and skills in golf. Apart from this, it gives you expert instructions relating to golf and travel. Additionally, this plan can give you credits at selected resorts. This membership is available for golfers in the United States and Canada. If you have a membership or would love to get one, add GolfPass on Roku.


Features of GolfPass

GolfPass has a properly categorized library of content. It includes thousands of hours of exclusive video. Further, watch archived golf videos and award-winning golf films.

  • GolfPass has over 4000 on-demand expert golf tutorial videos.
  • Best pick of Golf tutorials include playing Lessons, Como Concepts, and Martin Hall’s build a Better Golf Game.
  • All the GolfPass subscribers can get Live streaming of selected golf matches.

How to Add and Activate GolfPass on Roku?

We have the GolfPass channel in the Roku Channel Store. Before installing this channel, make sure that you have a GolfPass account. You can connect it to Roku by entering the credentials. To add and activate GolfPass on Roku, follow these steps.

1. Turn on your television and connect the Roku device.

2. Choose the Streaming Channels option on your home screen.

3. From the menu, select the Search Channels option.

4. Type and search for the GolfPass channel.

5. From the search results, choose the GolfPass channel.

GolfPass on Roku

6. Click on the Add Channel option in the channel overview page.

7. Finally, select OK as the download finishes.

How to Sign In into GolfPass on Roku?

1. Launch the new GolfPass channel on your home screen.

2. Click on the Login option on the screen.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the GolfPass app on your device.

GolfPass on Roku

4. After successfully logging ion, you can start streaming with your GolfPass account.

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GolfPass Membership plans

Let’s look at the various subscription plans on GolfPass.

  • The GolfPass membership will cost you $10 every month.
  • This pass includes expert training classes and credit at popular restaurants.
  • Further, it comes with a free seven-day trial. It gives you access to all the content on the app.

Click here to purchase the subscription and get a 7-days free trail..

Wrapping Up

We have discussed how to install and stream GolfPass on Roku. You can easily get the channel on Roku. If you already have a GolfPass, add it on Roku. Further, if you are looking at developing your golf skills, get a GolfPass. At GolfPass, get expert training sessions, podcasts, and Live Golf matches. It is one complete package for Golf lovers.